How Do You Get CP Trainer To Work?

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The cp trainer 2.0 the hacks wont work what do you do?

>Well, maybe Club Penguin notices it, I tried it to, they would probably ban you. >>club penguin has updated all the HTML codes and the codes in the trainers are wrong now th

Are there any working cp trainers?

There is only one. It is CP Typhoon . But it doesnt have many cheats and it breaks when you try to become Rockhopper/Candence/Gary, ect. Good luck finding one that works.

How do you work cp trainer v3.5?

to make cp trainer 3.5 work go to go down with ur mouse and click on coect us and click on technical qwetions and right your pearnts email and your penguin

How To Make CP Trainer 23 Works?

The new one is the old one. You Have to download visual basic in heres the load.swf it should work

Why doent cp trainers work?

some do and other dont because plunder has lots of downloads that dont work and like has cp storm 10 that works perfectly

How do you get cp trainer 7 to work?

You still cannot. When you play the trainer,you now that the club penguin appaer. That was made with the club penguin movie swf Now Disney banned the swf file, so no trainer w

Where can you get a cp trainer that works?

you get cp trainers that work . go to google and type in cp trainer 2 that works plunder then choose one with the plunder website . some you have to be a me