How High do airplanes travel?

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Commercial jets usually fly at 10,000 metres. How high can planes fly? It gets technical: A manned air-breathing jet aircraft following an uncontrolled ballistic trajectory reached 37,650 metres (123,523 feet). A manned air-breathing jet aircraft in controlled horizontal flight flew at 25,929 m (85,069 ft).
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How many miles does an airplane travel?

This entirely depends on where you are flying to. It can be as few as 20 minutes or as much as 18 hours in the air.

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The first president to fly in an airplane while in office was Calvin Coolidge in 1933. ? ?. The first ex-president to fly in an airplane was Theodore Roosevelt, who flew as a

Can pets travel alone on airplanes?

Yes, some pets, such as cats and dogs, may travel alone on anairplane provided that they are in a proper crate or kennel andhave all the necessary papers. It may also depend o

Can you travel with perfume on an airplane?

There is a limit to non-medical liquids that can be carried through a security checkpoint. Small quantities of toiletry articles CAN be carried- but the largest single contain