How Rococo art compares with Baroque art?

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Baroque painting came in response to Renaissance Art. The Renaissance was focused on religious Mannerism, which consisted of flattened forms and complex compositions. Baroque art was heavily influenced by the Counter-reformation and thus more interested in dramatic scenes of saints and history paintings. Art from the Baroque period is described as Naturalistic, because artists such as Carracci and Caravaggio emphasized the importance of drawing from real life, as well as honing specific skills such as optics and perspective.
Rococo came in response to the darkness and heaviness of Baroque art, but did continue many of the ideals specified during the 17th century. Rococo related much more to decorative shapes as well as the natural and organic. Swirling shapes and asymmetrical forms replaced the rigid geometric shapes of the past century. Baroque paintings were ominous, otherworldly, and dark in subject. Rococo was infamous for its superfluous decoration and extraordinary detail. There was an intentional overload of every last quality of the Rococo time period. Rococo was also noted for having light, curves, playfulness, and was illustrated mainly in the interiors of the French upper class and through decorative art.

Baroque art of the 1600s was heavily centered in Italy, whereas Rococo of the 1700s originated in France.
I cannot give you a very good answer to your question, but I believe that the Palace at Versailles is thought to be one of the better examples of rococo architecture
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The rococo style of art emerged in France in early 18th century as the continuation of baroque style. it is also the style of art especially architecture and decorative art.

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Rococo was a French style, predominant in the 18th century. Rococo artists used delicate brushstrokes and pastel colors. Their paintings depict various activities of the Frenc