How accurate is the headline African merchants make fortunes trading cloth for rum?

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What role did african merchants play in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade?

When the Dutch trading ships started showing up in Africa, warring tribes started capturing and selling their neighbors rather than killing them. Many of the Africans would ha

How do you make rum?

You ferment molasses like beer. then when it is finished you distill it using a pot still it must be a pot still to retain the flavour. when the distilate is collected it is d

What role did African merchants play in the slave trade?

African rulers played a large part in the supply of slaves for the slaving captains to buy to take over the Atlantic. Without those African rulers supplying slaves, the Transa

What is merchant trading?

Merchant trading is when you buy for less and sell for more. Like buying a T.V. for $500 and waiting a while and selling it for like $1000-$2000. You make a profit. That is ca

How do you make cloth on trade nations?

In the game Trade Nations for the iPhone/Pad, you make cloth by first building a loom. Assign workers once the loom is built, and it will convert wool, collected from your Pen

What were the headlines after a midget fortune teller?

This is one of those jokes that needs a proper straight line to facilitate the punch line. I believe your question should be: What were the headlines after a midget fortune