How an antenna receives signal?

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An antenna is built and tuned specifically to resonate at a certain frequency or set of frequencies. In receiving, this resonance will appear as an RF voltage across the antenna, or between the antenna and ground. This RF voltage is usually modulated in order to carry information, for example a radio station. You generally use a receiver of some kind to "decode" this information, and make it usable to humans again, for example, play the music as audio through a loudspeaker.
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What can I do to fix this everytime I key up my CB radio it causes my GPS receiver to lose signal and I have to unplug it and plug it in again to get signal back GPS is outside opposite of antennae?

Answer . There is no way to solve the problem. Because of the high power of the CB transmitter and the low power of the satellite signals, the CB signal clips the GPS recei

What is the need for antennas what are transmitting antennas what are receiving antennas?

Antennas transfer energy from a cable into the airwaves efficiently. Any transmit antenna can also be a receive antenna and viceversa. If you wish to transmit high power from

Do you need antenna to receive digital signals on LCD TV the TV has a built in HDTuner Can we use indoor antenna?

All TVs including new ATSC Digital ones use the same frequencies as older NTSC Analog sets. An amplified antenna is recommended because there is a threshold where a weak analo

Why test antenna in receiving mode?

If you run the antenna under test in the receiving mode, then while it is rotated, you'll monitor signals received by the antenna under test.. If you run the antenna under te

How do you increase the strength to the receiving antenna?

I think the question needs to know how to increase signal strength from Receiving Antenna. 1. Use Better and bigger Ground. This will not only increase signal but will al

What receives a signal?

NICs, radio antennas, Televisions, brain cells, and, theoretically, aliens, and you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can I amplify a toy car antenna signal?

Most toys have a very poor antenna so simply making it bigger may give you an improvement. What actually are you trying to achieve? Is it a greater distance between transmitte

How signal reflects back in an antenna?

In a properly matched antenna, signal does not reflect back - the transmission line and antenna combination is seen, electrically, as an infinite line - so there is no reflect

How to make a home yagi antenna to receive FM signals?

To cut a wire or aluminium tubing length for a dipole antenna take your frequency in Megahertz that you want to tune the antenna to and divide that number by 468. This will be