How are children educated in China?

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Well, firstly they are educated at home by everyone possible: parents and grandparents. Then at age 3 to five, they go to preschool. At 6 or 7 they go to primery school for a 6-year-long education, then they enter the middle school and high school which take 6 years totally. Then comes an extremely important exam and after that they go to college. This is the education for most of the Chinese children nowadays.
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What is Education level of China?

The national education in China starts at the age of 6. Children goto elementary schools for six years. Then they go to middle schoolsand then high school, each for three year

What are the education and literacy levels of China?

Currently, 91 percent of the country has instituted compulsory primary education, with nearly 99 percent of school-age children are enrolled in schools. According to the lates

What is the education problems in China?

Education in China has got a name for its intensive learning hourand fierce competition. And from my view, this is the problem ofthe education system in China. Schools, parent

What kind of education does China have?

Education in the People's Republic of China is a state-run system of public education run by the Ministry of Education. All citizens must attend school for at least nine year

What type of Education System does china have?

In China, the education is divided into three categories: basic education, higher education, and adult education. The Compulsory Education Law of stipulates that each child ha

What is the educational philosophy in china?

Difficult to know, taking into account that China is completely isolated from the other (free) world... I doubt if any Chinese can even read this question here now...
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What is the state of education in China?

The state of education in China is very good. Pupils attend school from age 6 until they are approximately 18. China has over 100 National Key Universities.
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How does the education in China differ from education in the west?

The differences between Chinese and U.S. education matter in both countries, as students from the People_¾_s Republic surge onto American campuses. That includes BU, where