How big a house will a 75000 btu furnace heat?

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Heat load calculations need to be conducted for home to determine the proper size furnace. There is no simple answer to this question. There are a number of factors that can effect what size your furnace should be. Example: square footage, duct work size, insulation factors, windows etc. I recommend having a heating professional look at your home and conduct a heat load calculation. Over sized and under sized furnaces can cause you number out problems in the long run.
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What does a heating coil in a furnace do?

There are different types of heating coils. Most are electric heat strips, refrigerant coils or hot water(hydronic). Your furnace\heater fan blows across the coils to heat your home or office.

How do you detect a crack heat exchanger in a furnace?

The most comon way to detect a crack in a heat exchanger is with a visual inspection, removal of the burner assembly and the use of a mirror and flash light.. Or a smoke bomb test. A special little smoke bomb is placed in the burner area with the burners OFF. The blower is runnig and you light the (MORE)

How many btu to heat 1600 sf?

On average it takes about 1,600 BTUs to heat 50 square feet.Multiplying 50 by 1600 equals about 80,000. Therefore, the heatingplan of 1,600 square foot are would take about 80,000 BTUs.

How many btu furnace to heat a 3200 sq ft home in upstate NY?

A general rule of thumb in estimating the size of furnace needed toheat a home is to find the square footage of the home, and multiplythat by 45 BTU (British Thermal Unit). For a 3200 square foot homea furnace somewhere in the range of 144,000 BTU would be areasonable estimation of the furnace size (MORE)

Can I heat my garage with my home furnace?

Mechanical penetrations (Supply or Return Air Vents) are not allowed in garages in residential construction under the International Residential Code.. . Some countries' Building Codes and/or Regulations may allow a garage to be heated by a normal water-heated radiator supplied by the house's furna (MORE)

How does a furnace heat a house?

This is how a furnace heats your home.. When the thermostat calls for heat, a signal is sent to the gas valve. If you have an older unit, the gas valve checks to see that the thermocouple sees the pilot and if it does, the gas valve opens to send gas to the burners.. If you have a newer furnace, t (MORE)

How does the heat energy from the furnace in your house originate from the sun?

The sunlight millions of years ago allowed organic life and materials to develop and populate the earth. After the normal life cycles of generations of these plants and beings ended they returned to the earth and decayed, becoming what are now the gas and oil fields that produce the fossil fuels we (MORE)

What is a gas furnace heat exchanger?

The heat exchanger is the metal wall or tubing that is heated up when the burners are ignited. The inside of the heat exchanger allows the toxic flue gases produced from the burners to exhaust out through the furnace flue. The outside of the heat exchanger is where the cold air passes over, beco (MORE)

If your home requires 2 million Btu of heat energy from the furnace what is the cost in dollars to heat the house with natural gas assuming 60 percent furnace efficiency?

If your home actually requires the 2MM btu then that is the output you need, if your furnace is 60% efficient then you would need 3,333,333 btu input to produce 2,000,000 btu output, There are 1000 btu per cubic foot of natural gas therfore you would burn 3333 cubic feet of gas to produce 2MM btu. Y (MORE)

Where does the heat from a furnace keeping your house warm go?

The heat pretty much stays in your house. The heat from the furnace rises (because the molecules have moved apart) and goes to the top of the house. There it cools down, and because it is not more dense, it sinks back down to the furnace where it can be made warm again. All this happens through a pr (MORE)

What is the Btu output for Goodman furnace model GMV95904D? . Copy & Paste the link above into your browser. It looks like there may be 2 problems. 1st - If you are looking for the tonnage of the AC unit you need the model # of the outdoor unit, not the furnace as you have listed in your question. 2n (MORE)

Cost of 120000 btu furnace and 5 ton air conditioner?

this question is very vague. furnaces over 100,000 btu's are rarely used in residential applications due to code restrictions. Anything larger requires fire dampers witch close the ducts off in the case of air over a certain temperature. more details are required.... a 5 ton air conditioner is hug (MORE)

How many BTU do you need to heat a 3500 sq ft house?

110,000 btu Since British Thermal Unit deals with volume rather than area, we need to know the height of the ceilings. The original answer probably (and sensibly) assumes standard 8' ceilings. Hate to sound like a nitpicker, but many of today's homes have at least one room with a "cathedral" or va (MORE)

How many square feet does an 80000 BTU furnace heat?

It heats all the square feet in the network of roomsthrough which it's distributed. How warm it heats them, and how fast, depends on the height of theceilings, and on the rate of loss of heat through the walls, which in turndepends on the outside temperature and the insulation efficiency of the w (MORE)

How big is a blast furnace?

As of mid-2012 the largest blastfurnace in Europe was the one at Duisberg, Germany, which is saidto be about 90 metres tall. Please see the link..

How many square feet does 48000 BTU heat in a gas furnace?

48,000 input or output? If 48K is the input to an 80% efficient furnace, than the output would only be 38,400. It also depends on where the house is located, because 48K will heat a much larger house in Miami than it would in Minneapolis. You need to post more info to get a worthwhile answer. But to (MORE)

How long does it take to heat house using furnace?

Impossible to answer. You need to have a Hvac pro, furnace man, do a heat calculation of you home and see if the BTU rating of your house matches the furnace supplied in it. Now even with a computer generated heat calc, there are way to many things in the home to come up with a perfect answer (MORE)

How many btus to heat 2000 SF?

The answer depends some on whether the 2000 square feet is all on one level, or divided into multiple levels. Typically 75,000 btu would be sufficient to heat 2000 square feet comfortably. Call a pro that will do a heat calc for the home. The worst thing you could do is follow a chart (MORE)

How much for a 80000 BTU furnace?

Cost of a furnace depends on the efficiency, the brand unit,transitions needed to be made, and the cost of a qualityinstallation. I recommend getting estimates from qualified andreputable HVAC companies.

Can your furnace over heat?

yes it certainly can. Gas furnaces usually have a Fan/Limit combo switch. It has a helix coil that heats up and triggers the fan to start when it reaches operating temperature. When it gets too hot, it breaks the low voltage to the gas valve and shuts off the burners. As it cools off, the helix rela (MORE)

Will an 80000 btu furnace properly heat an 1800 square foot home?

In 2 of the 4 estimates for a new furnace for here in Southwest PA, the answer is yes. This house is a Cape Cod style and was built in 1950. But then 2 said I'd need over 100,000. So I'm wondering too! I am assuming you mean 80,000 output, not input. An 80,000 input rated at 80% efficiency only has (MORE)

How do you figure heating btus?

You have to multiply the heat value of the fuel by the efficiency of the combustion unit. For instance, oil is 139,000BTU/gal, and many furnaces have an efficiency of 84%, so for each gallon of oil, you get 116,760 BTU of actual heat. Round that to 117,000 BTU to get the proper number of significant (MORE)

How do replace a heat exchanger on a furnace?

Your really are better off replacing the whole unit, there was a reason for the heat exchanger to have cracked or malfunction, ether for age or or a mechanical anomaly , you may have not addressed, as of yet.

How does a furnace generate heat?

In a normal house furnace a fan forces air through an exchanger. This usually consists of some pipes or tubes. A fire on the outside of the tubes heats the air inside the tubes as it passes. The force of the fan also pushes the air along duct work and the warmed air comes out floor vents or regester (MORE)

Why would a room finished after the house was built that is heated by a forced hot air natural gas furnace get air conditioning but not heat?

One possibility being that the air conditioner and furnace are separate so there may be duct/vents for one and not the other, if there is no duct/vent leading from the furnace to the room then the room wont be able to receive heat. Another possible cause is that there is a loss of heat on route f (MORE)

Is a heat exchanger the same as having a furnace?

Heat exchangers are not indentical to furnaces. However, they do serve a similar purpose. Both heat exchangers and furnaces serve important individual purposes. They also aee ulilitzed for different devices.

How many BTU to heat a 2000 sq ft house in ct?

Many factors figure in other than square footage. Such as the height of the ceiling and number of windows. But, for most houses, 20 to 22 btu per square foot will do. 40,000 to 45,000 btu should do.

How big is 75000 cubic kilometers in feet?

There is no equivalence. A foot is a measure of length or distance in 1-dimensional space while a cubic kilometre is a measure of volume in 3-dimensional space. The two measure different things and, according to basic principles of dimensional analysis, conversion from one to the other is not vali (MORE)

What does a vacuum furnace typically heat?

This vacuum is typically used to heat up metal. A vacuum furnace can reach a temperature of over 2,500 degrees. This furnace heats up fast but can cool itself off even faster.