How big a house will a 75000 btu furnace heat?

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Heat load calculations need to be conducted for home to determine the proper size furnace. There is no simple answer to this question. There are a number of factors that can effect what size your furnace should be. Example: square footage, duct work size, insulation factors, windows etc. I recommend having a heating professional look at your home and conduct a heat load calculation. Over sized and under sized furnaces can cause you number out problems in the long run.
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How many btu furnace to heat a 3200 sq ft home in upstate NY?

A general rule of thumb in estimating the size of furnace needed toheat a home is to find the square footage of the home, and multiplythat by 45 BTU (British Thermal Unit). Fo

How does a furnace heat a house?

This is how a furnace heats your home.. When the thermostat calls for heat, a signal is sent to the gas valve. If you have an older unit, the gas valve checks to see that the

How does the heat energy from the furnace in your house originate from the sun?

The sunlight millions of years ago allowed organic life and materials to develop and populate the earth. After the normal life cycles of generations of these plants and beings

If your home requires 2 million Btu of heat energy from the furnace what is the cost in dollars to heat the house with natural gas assuming 60 percent furnace efficiency?

If your home actually requires the 2MM btu then that is the output you need, if your furnace is 60% efficient then you would need 3,333,333 btu input to produce 2,000,000 btu

How many square feet does an 80000 BTU furnace heat?

It heats all the square feet in the network of roomsthrough which it's distributed. How warm it heats them, and how fast, depends on the height of theceilings, and on the r

How many square feet does 48000 BTU heat in a gas furnace?

48,000 input or output? If 48K is the input to an 80% efficient furnace, than the output would only be 38,400. It also depends on where the house is located, because 48K will
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How many BTU to heat a 2000 sq ft house?

I cannot really answer that depends on your insulation of walls heat leaks windows and so forth. NOT TO MENTION EFFICIENCY OF HEATING.
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Will an 80000 btu furnace properly heat an 1800 square foot home?

In 2 of the 4 estimates for a new furnace for here in Southwest PA, the answer is yes. This house is a Cape Cod style and was built in 1950. But then 2 said I'd need over 100,