How big is Kansas City in Kansas?

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In Kansas
Not as big as Kansas City, MO. But the population is of KCK is 146866. Kansas City, MO is 475830.
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Where is Kansas?

Kansas is located and/or known as the middle state Kansas is in the geographic center of the 48 contiguous United States

Major cities in Kansas?

By population (2005): Wichita Overland Park Kansas City Topeka Olathe Lawrence Shawnee Manhattan Salina Lenexa

What is in Kansas?

There is plenty of people, places, and things in Kansas. Wichita is the world capital of airplanes. Amelia Earhart is a Kansas native along with President Eisenhower. Just because it it known as an agricultural state doesn't mean it has nothing in it. Kansas is just as modern as many other places in (MORE)

Are Kansas City Kansas and Kansas City Missouri the same city?

Yes they are. This is fairly obvious, though you wouldn't think it. Folks misunderstand cities in the US in the traditional sensebecause they've corrupted the word beyond recognition. Totallydestroyed it's original intent. It's been reduced to rubble hereand it has very little to do with what we th (MORE)

How big is Kansas?

Kansas is 82,282 sq. miles The total area of Kansas is 82,277 sq mi (213,096 km 2 ).

Is Kansas City in Kansas?

Kansas City straddles the Kansas & Missouri state border (defined by the Missouri river) hence there is Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO.

Is Kansas City in Missouri or Kansas?

There are cities with the same name in both Missouri and Kansas, and are just across the Missouri River from each other. Kansas City's metropolitan area has the distinction of being one of only three American cities (the others are St. Louis and New York) that have area in two states. However, the K (MORE)

Are pitbulls illegal in Kansas City Kansas?

Kansas City and Independence passed ordinances restricting pit bull ownership. Kansas City's law requires pit bulls to be spayed or neutered, while Independence's bans new pit bulls and requires registration of those within the city when the ordinance was enacted.

What is Kansas City Kansas time zone?

GMT-6 . Eastern Kansas is in Central Standard Time (UTC - 6 hrs.) from the 1st Sun. of Nov. until the 2nd Sun. of March and Central Daylight Saving Time (UTC - 5 hrs.) from the 2nd Sun. of March until the 1st Sun. of Nov.

Is Kansas City named after Kansas?

Both Kansas and Kansas City are named for Kansas River, which is in turn named for the local Kanza Indian tribe. The city was established before Kansas itself was even made a territory.

Why is there a Kansas City Kansas and a Kansas City Missouri?

In the United States, a city is a legal entity of a state (or territory or commonwealth, etc.). As such, it is impossible for the legal limits of a city to extend across state borders. This has led to cities which appear to cross borders, because they have the same name in both states, but which are (MORE)

Which Kansas city is the song Kansas city talking about?

The song "Kansas City" - written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller - is talking about Kansas City, Missouri. Although urban renewal did away with the intersection of "12th Street and Vine," there is now a park where that intersection once stood, and a street sign has been erected at the park in the a (MORE)

Is Kansas City in Kansas or Missouri?

Kansas City is in both states indeed (I live in Kansas). The majority and most of the attractions of Kansas city are on the Missouri side including the home of the nfl's chiefs, and mlb's royals. also home to the downtrown kansas city area. the kansas side is the smaller city with less attractions b (MORE)

Why is there a Kansas citie in Kansas and in Missouri?

Kansas City is in Kansas and Missouri because Kansas City is a rather large city; it is in Kansas but it crosses over the border and the larger part sits in Missouri, so it is considered a city in both Kansas and Missouri.

Military base at Kansas City?

Fort Leavenworth is in the Kansas City Metropolitan area (as is the whole of Leavenworth County), but not in the city proper.

What can you do in Kansas?

You can ride a horse on a ranch. You could go to Wichita Gardens tosee beautiful plants. The Kansas Capital has murals and statues tosee. You could also see President Eisenhower's boyhood home. Youcould see Boot Hill and some buildings that make up the 1870s DodgeCity. You could visit the art collec (MORE)

Is Kansas City a capital or city?

Kansas City is not a capital. There are two major cities in the United States called Kansas City- Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri.

How are the Kansas City Chiefs doing?

In the 2010 season, they are doing very well, with playoff (PLAYOFFS?!) hopes very good looking. The running back tandem of Jamal Charles and Thomas Jones is extremely dynamic, definatly the bst in the league. Matt Cassel is haing an outstnding season, throwing less interceptions than the great Peyt (MORE)

Do the Kansas City Cheiefs have a championship?

Yes, the Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl IV on Jan. 11, 1970 23-7 at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana against the Minnesota Vikings. The Chiefs also played the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl I on Jan. 15 1967 losing 35-10 at Memorial Coliseum in L.A. California. The Chiefs owner Lamar Hun (MORE)

How big are Kansas tornadoes?

They vary widely in size. Most are no more than a few hundred yards wide, but at least two have been recorded at over 2 miles wide.

Where did the Kansas City royals come from?

The Kansas City Royals were one of two expansion franchises to join the American League during the 1969 season. The other was the Seattle Pilots, who relocated after one year and became the Milwaukee Brewers.

Is there a Kansas City in Kansas or Missouri?

It makes no sense, but there is both! Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO. There is also a place called Kansas, OK (but not Kansas city, just Kansas). Just like Portland. There is a Portland in Oregon and Maine. Trust me, sometimes cities double, maybe even triple!

Is Kansas City a big city or a small city?

Kansas City had a population of about 500,000 people and is the most populous city in Missouri (more than St. Louis) and the second largest metropolitan area in the same state. This makes it quite large for a Midwestern city, but it pales in comparison to cities like New York and Los Angeles, it is (MORE)

How big do Box turtles get in Kansas?

The only box turtles indigenous to Kansas are the Ornate box turtle and the Three toed box turtle. They both grow to an adult shell length of 6 inches. The biggest box turtles are Gulf Coast box turtles (not in Kansas) and they can grow to 8 inches or more in length. To answer your question, the (MORE)