How big is the country Syria?

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Syria has an area of 185,180 sq km (71,498 sq mi). 185,180 sq km
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Is Syria big?

yes kinda it is the biggest out of the cham countries Well the land of Syria that you see today isn't actually it. Its name is actually The Great Syria or "blad alsham" an

How big is Syria?

About 185,180 square kilometres, or about 71,479 square miles.

Is Syria a wealthy country?

syria itself is not economically wealthy, but the people in it are. they have extremely large family inheritances and pride themselves on their wealth. furthermore, syrian cul

What country is between Syria and Israel?

Syria and Israel theoretically share a border, but they areseparated by the UNDOF forces which occupy a no-man's land betweenthem. However, Syria and Israel both border Jorda

Is Syria a communist country?

No. Although it was generally aligned with the Soviet Union, it isbetter to see Syria as a Presidential Dictatorship than anythingelse.

Is Syria an Arab country?

Technically No, it is a mixture of races, religion, and nations, so it is very hard to say if it is a Arabic country or not but they say they are Arabs because the speak Arabi