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How blood is purified in human body?

How blood is purified in human body?
How blood is purified in human body
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How is blood controlled in the human body?

It depends on what kind of control you are talking about. Blood vessel walls keep the blood traveling in the right path. Valves in the heart and veins keep it moving in the (MORE)

How is blood produced in the human body?

The blood is created in the bone marrow, or rather the red blood cells are created by hematopoetic stem cells. however, there are MANY different kinds of cells in your blood, (MORE)
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Part of human body no blood?

The outermost layer of your skin (epidermis) is part of flat epithelial tissues called stratified squamous epithelium. This part is flat and is covered with cuticles to make y (MORE)

How is blood purified?

Blood is purified when it enters a nephron through the artiole, impurities are filtered out and emptied into the collecting duct. The purified blood exits the nephron through (MORE)
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What does the blood do in the human body?

Basically, blood transports oxygen, nutrients and hormones throughout the body, allowing them to pass into cells to be used for cell processes. It also carries waste products (MORE)