How can a person who has AIDS have a child with someone and not give AIDS to the child and to the other person?

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There's medication you take to lessen the chances and you can't have it c sectioned out,,and no breast feeding
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How do you protect child from parents with AIDS?

HIV/AIDS isn't that contagious, and there is very little risk of of catching it of someone unless there is a serious exchange of body fluids. Sharing needles and having sex ca

How can a person get aids?

For an Individual to have AIDS you have to start by having HIV. Thus an Individual can get AIDS if he/she does not get a treatment ofAntiretroviral drugs when his/her immune s

If you have aids and put blood on a ice and give it to a person do they get aids?

There is no absolute answer to your question due to several variables involved. It is generally understood that HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) cannot live outside of the hum

If your partner has AIDS and you have a child with him will the child have aids too?

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is transmitted through contact with blood, semen, vaginal fluid and breast milk. HIV is also able to be passed from mother-to-child. AIDS

What is the law in MD for someone who infect a person with AID or HIV?

The Maryland General Assembly made it illegal to knowingly transfers or attempt to transfer HIV in 1989 and is one of 32 states with such a measure.. * Md. Code Ann., Health

What should you do about a child in the program who has aids?

Are you sure the child has Aids and not HIV? Either way is it the child with Aids that needs to be protected more from the other children than the other way around. A simple c