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How can an abuse victim with kids leave when the victim has absolutely no resources no friends no family no transportation no driver's license no money and no possible way to obtain such aids?

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Surely you can get the police to help? don't let this person rule your life and detroy your childrens..it will happen. go to charity organisations most of them have places to stay and people to help  Thank You for answering. However, since there is no physical abuse, the police can't do anything. The abuse is psychological, emotional, mental, verbal, and very, very controlling. Are there any other ideas? It's very distressing. I have been talking with a counselor. However, I don't want to become just another domestic abuse case study.
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Is there any 'legal action' one can take to stop the narcissistic abuser from continuing involvement with the victim's family and friends after the victim has left and filed for divorce?

Answer . You can get a court order to have the abuser stay away from you. but your family will have to apply for a restraint order on their own as well as your friends will

How long does it typically take a victim to finally leave an abusive relationship?

Answer . \nThere is no answer to your question, at least not one that you can be sure is right. What you need to consider is how strong the person is, how good a support

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What are the stages a victim goes through when deciding to leave an abusive relationship?

Here are some steps that abused people often experience:     Denial--he/she hits me but can't control their feelings, they  don't mean to get so rough. If it is only

Is it normal for friends and family to think that an abuse victim is just out to get her abuser when in reality the victim just wants her feelings validated?

Answer . It's hard to believe, but there are so many people that just don't understand abuse. At one time I knew about abuse and I helped a couple of my girlfriends get ou

What are the advantages of using a litter in First Aid to transport an accident or war victim?

The victim is less likely to aggravate existing injuries   The victim is less likely to have his or her injuries made worse by movement across rough terrain.   Also, dep

What tactics will a narcissistic abuser use when the victim leaves?

I can only tell you my experience.   One they will ignore you.   Then when they think they have "punished" you enough (even though you were the one that left and were re

How can a victim leave an abuser with no money?

Most victims of abuse just want to leave with the clothes on their back and are not worried about leaving their abuser penniless. The abuser has taken everything from their v

What is the best way to manually transport an injured unconscious victim if you are the only individual physically able to transport the victim?

Do not move an unconscious person unless the patient is in danger of being burnt, or is in a perilous situation. The person could have an injured spine or neck. Moving the vic

How can family members friends health care providers or police respond to ensure safety of domestic abuse victims?

When someone calls 9-1-1 about a domestic assault, the police should immediately "go after" both the victim and the suspect (because sometimes it's the one who looks like the

Consent to give first aid must be obtained from every victim who is?

Conscious. An unconscious victim is assumed to want first aid assistance, since they are incapable of giving consent.     Consent must be attained before a rescuer may tou

Is it possible for a victim of a narcissist to become a true friend of the narcissist after leaving the relationship for a second time?

No. A victim of narcissism will probably leave that relationship with several insurmountable obstacles to friendship. First, victims of narcissism will typically be filled wit

What are possible signs a child may be the victim of abuse?

Abuse is typically physical, emotional, or sexual in nature and can  include neglect. There are many possible signs that a child may be  the victim of varying kinds of abuse