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How can an abuse victim with kids leave when the victim has absolutely no resources no friends no family no transportation no driver's license no money and no possible way to obtain such aids?

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Surely you can get the police to help? don't let this person rule your life and detroy your childrens..it will happen. go to charity organisations most of them have places to stay and people to help  Thank You for answering. However, since there is no physical abuse, the police can't do anything. The abuse is psychological, emotional, mental, verbal, and very, very controlling. Are there any other ideas? It's very distressing. I have been talking with a counselor. However, I don't want to become just another domestic abuse case study.
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What can you do to avoid becoming a victim of child abuse?

Make sure you can trust everyone around you and if you are not  feeling comfortable around someone speak to and person you trust  and are close to.    You could also

What tactics will a narcissistic abuser use when the victim leaves?

I can only tell you my experience.   One they will ignore you.   Then when they think they have "punished" you enough (even though you were the one that left and were re

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How does a victim of abuse avoid being victimized by the justice system?

1) Know the laws of your state and hire an attorney who regularly represents victims of abuse. 2) Gather as much evidence as possible. Document the abuse by keeping a daily

Can a convicted felon obtain a driver's license?

Yes. Unless, of course, the offense for which he was convicted was driving related and his license was revoked AND no driving is a condition of his release.

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Like anyone who you would meet at supermarket, subway or family function. Basically they could look just like you or me.

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Conscious. An unconscious victim is assumed to want first aid assistance, since they are incapable of giving consent.     Consent must be attained before a rescuer may tou

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a monkey, a man from England enginerred aids and gave it to a monkey, the monkey scratched him and he got infected it took off from their , from then to today the name of the

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How does a past abuser apologize to his or her past victim?

Very few abusers put their abusive conduct behind them. And when they do apologize - a rarity - they do so because they want something from you: money, comassion, sex, attenti

Is it common that victims will want to cut ties with the narcissist's friends after leaving the relationship?

    Answer     It's normal and it's the thing to do. By staying in touch with the friends of the narcissist it still links you to the narcissist. Move on

What is the best way to manually transport an injured unconscious victim if you are the only individual physically able to transport the victim?

Do not move an unconscious person unless the patient is in danger of being burnt, or is in a perilous situation. The person could have an injured spine or neck. Moving the vic