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By taking the epileptic medication given by the neurologist.
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What is Epilepsy?

Answer   Epilepsy (sometimes referred to as a seizure disorder) is a common chronic neurological condition that is characterized by recurrent unprovoked epileptic seizure

How do you get epilepsy?

There are all sorts of causes of Epilepsy. Different people have it for different reasons. It can happen as a result of a head injury for example. It may be an indication of s

Why do you get epilepsy?

First of all let me start off by saying that Epilepsy is the word used when someone has more than one seizure. There are many reasons why you could have Epilepsy, or could hav

What does epilepsy do to you if you have it?

Epilepsy is a physical disorder that happens to occur in the brain and that effects the nervous system. It causes you to have seizures. 60% of the people with epilepsy are abl

How do you prevent epilepsy?

You can't prevent the disease of existing if you already have it, but you can take medicine to prevent seizures :-D Hope the answer was satisfying :-)

How do you no you have epilepsy?

Basically to know if you have it you need to get an EEG which is basically a brain scan. ALso you would need to see a docter, but one of the quickest ways you can figure out i

What is administered to prevent seizures associated with epilepsy?

Various forms of medication can be used. What medication may be used will depend on the form and severity of seizures that each individual has. There is no single drug that is

Is epilepsy preventable?

No. You cant prevent it from happening however if you have it and  have been diagnosed with it, you can get medication to try and ease  or prevent fits.

How can marijuana prevent epilepsy?

Marijuana cannot prevent Epilepsy. There are all sorts of reasons for and forms of and levels of severity of Epilepsy, so no one thing can cure or prevent all forms of Epileps