How can we explain the fact that people today know less about the world than people did 20 years ago?

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by considering the news that is available to us
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Why is your monely worth so much less today than it was 100 years ago?

Because money's value is based on its scarcity but government has the power to print (that is create) new money. And they have used that power to print new money for themselve

How do you know that people millions of years ago ate meat?

Scientists look at the teeth of fossils of our earlier ancestorsand can see that they were omnivorous, just like modern humans.They have also found evidence of fossilised bone

How did people in Canada travel 20 years ago?

The answer to this would be basically the same way as today. Canada has an extensive highway system, railroads and many airports. So all of the different modes of transportati

Are people in the UK healthier than 10 years ago?

Honestly, I believe that EVERYONE was healthier about ten years ago than how they are now. Of course, there are exceptions, but the way that food products are being "produced"
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What happened 20 years ago today?

The Very First Text Message Was Sent And It Said....Merry Christmas and the person that sent it was Neil Patworth