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Yes, you can buy your first home with bad credit by accessing federal and local resources and saving for a larger down payment. The first step in buying a home is, of course, to find an assortment of homes that you're interested in, based on their location, condition, size, etc. Because you have bad credit. According to real estate experts, the housing market is currently favorable to buyers, with prices and interest rates remaining low.

What is keeping you from spending a couple of years saving a down payment and improving your credit along the way? For most people, past history will be repeated if they do not start monitoring their finances and paying on time . You can buy a house, but if you do not have savings and stable financials, the expenses of maintaining a home may break your heart.
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Can you buy a car with bad credit?

Possibly, but if someone lets you, I wouldn't. Interest rates will be outrageous. ANSWER your monthly income should more than $1600.get stable employment at the sa

Can you buy a house with bad credit?

You can, but I don't know if you want to. The days of subprime lending are over so the only people who are willing to lend you money if you have bad credit are hard money lend

Can you buy a house with no credit?

  Answer Yes you can I do it all the time   Yes you can I do it all the time.   First way is buy for sale by owner, you find a person who's house is paid for and

My husbands credit is good and my credit is bad. do we have to use both of our credit to buy a house?

  No, you don't HAVE TO, but if you want to both be on the deed, etc, then you might want to. Basically, the mortgage maker (bank) will take the better of your scores and

Can you buy a new house with no credit?

Not with a traditional lender. A bank must have credit history to understand your risk. With no credit you must find a private or personal lender willing to carry the note.

How can you remortgage your house with bad credit?

First off, you should contact your lender and talk with them about refinancing options, or loan modifications. Also, try to improve your credit by being on time and not late o
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Where can one find information on how to buy a house with bad credit?

Verify that everything on the reports is accurate and report any errors to the credit agency that published the report. You can actually help your credit score by correcting t
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How can one buy a house with bad credit?

If one has bad credit then one can only buy a house if one can convince the mortgage lender that one is able to pay for it. This might need proof that one is paying off any de