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How can i watch TV channels on my television through internet?

You must have an internet TV and not just any TV and then you do not watch the broadcast shows but watch some of the shows that are available after they have already aired.You (MORE)

Can you use a TV as a PC monitor?

Most modern televisions have an input that will support a computer display. Some have a VGA input (A D shaped connector with 15 pins). Alternatively, many computers now have a (MORE)

For TVs, It's About Distance, Not Size

Selecting small television sets for your home can be overwhelming. But when you know what kind of picture quality you want, your choices can be easily narrowed down. If you kn (MORE)

Home Theatre: Projectors vs. Televisions

Nowadays, there are many options to watch movies and other programs in your home. Which device you choose to watch them on mainly depends on personal preference. You can eithe (MORE)

Greatest Female Fighters on Television

Women with fighting spirit have been on television since "The Avengers" was aired back in 1969, and they are now more popular than ever, so here are 10 of the fierce (MORE)

What uses more electricity a TV or a PC?

  It depends on the TV and PC. An average LCD TV takes around 200watts, whereas a typical PC takes around 80watts, so the TV takes more - but a big PC with two screens wou (MORE)

How a TV remote connects to the TV?

Pushing a button on a remote control sets in motion a series of events that causes the controlled device to carry out a command. The process works something like this:You push (MORE)

How do you connect an outside speaker wire to the speaker inside the TV in order to assist a hearing-impaired family member watch TV without the volume very high?

  It's not wise to do this. CRT televisions have lethal voltage inside the case and the fact that you ask this question suggests that you do not have a lot of experience. (MORE)

Can you watch television online without streaming?

Yes .......................... if you aren't in Canada, I'm not so sure about countries other than North America .............................. but you can always know you're (MORE)