How can you connect your PC to a television set and watch on it without using any tv cards?

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The most noticeable change between Season 3 of "Hart of Dixie" and Season 4 is that Rachel Bilson is now pregnant! How do you think Rachel's pregnancy will impact the filming of Season 4?

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How do you connect an outside speaker wire to the speaker inside the TV in order to assist a hearing-impaired family member watch TV without the volume very high?

  It's not wise to do this. CRT televisions have lethal voltage inside the case and the fact that you ask this question suggests that you do not have a lot of experience. (MORE)

For TVs, It's About Distance, Not Size

Selecting small television sets for your home can be overwhelming. But when you know what kind of picture quality you want, your choices can be easily narrowed down. If you kn (MORE)

Using Your PC as Part of Your Home Theater System

For watching videos on the Internet and listening to streaming music, many people want to hook up their PCs to their home theater systems to enjoy these media on a big screen (MORE)
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Connecting Your TV to Your WiFi Network

Most mid- to high-end TVs on the market today have "smart TV" capabilities. A smart TV allows you to use certain Internet applications without connecting your computer to your (MORE)
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Connecting a Computer to Your TV Wirelessly

With the advent of free and affordable online streaming of television shows and movies, you need to establish a wireless TV computer connection in order to stream your favorit (MORE)

9 Exercises You Can Do While Watching TV

If not having enough time is one of your excuses for not exercising, well here is some bad news for you. You can actually do quality exercise right in the comfort of your own (MORE)

Converting From Your Computer to TV Screen

Computers can generate high-resolution images at expanded pixel ranges, making them perfect companions to high-definition televisions. Connecting a computer to a TV screen is (MORE)

How to connect a satellite tv box to a PC so i can watch PC content on my tv?

With a satellite dish, a satellite receiver, a digital TV tuner card, you can watch satellite tv shows on your pc. It effectively replaces the set-top box with higher quality (MORE)
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Is there any connection of geo tv with Jews?

GEO TV's vision is to be the voice of freedom from the Asian subcontinent, and its mission is to inform and entertain while celebrating cultures and prompting dialogue in the (MORE)