How can you connect your PC to a television set and watch on it without using any tv cards?

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What type of adapter card allows you to watch tv on the PC?

A TV Tuner Card allows your computer to receive television signals so you can watch TV on your PC. If you have satellite TV service, you can watch satellite TV on computer wit (MORE)

Can I watch 3D TV without the glasses?

For now, no. You'll only get dizzy and won't be able to enjoy any 3D effect. Right now, 3D without glasses is only available in some phones and portable game devices but techn (MORE)

Can you use a TV as a PC monitor?

Most modern televisions have an input that will support a computer display. Some have a VGA input (A D shaped connector with 15 pins). Alternatively, many computers now have a (MORE)

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Selecting small television sets for your home can be overwhelming. But when you know what kind of picture quality you want, your choices can be easily narrowed down. If you kn (MORE)

Home Theatre: Projectors vs. Televisions

Nowadays, there are many options to watch movies and other programs in your home. Which device you choose to watch them on mainly depends on personal preference. You can eithe (MORE)

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Can you connect and use the CD-ROM on your PC to watch a movie on a television?

short answer: yes! you might have to buy a new video card and TV - but once you have the right hardware, you can make it work."not as short" answer: first, you need a computer (MORE)

How to Connect laptop with TV to watch movies?

Though you've not provided any relevant information there is no such thing as a standard Packard bell and fairly new TV doesn't help much either... model numbers for both woul (MORE)

How can TV tuner cards be used?

TV tuner cards are hardware add-ons for personal computers. By installing one inside a PC, the computer can be configured to pick up television channels. They also frequently (MORE)