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How can you live your faith in christ like the first christian?

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by following the commands of Jesus.
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What does Passover represent in the Christian Faith?

Passover was the Jewish religious ceremony recalling the greatness of God who aided them to "pass over" from slavery in Egypt to freedom in the promised land. For Catholics,

Who is the founder of the christian faith?

The founder of the Christian faith is Jesus,he wasn't Christian himself (he was born into a Jewish family, he was born a Jew). He passed on the teachings of Christianity, and

Why are the doctrines pertaining to Jesus Christ the most crucial for the Christian faith?

There are many scriptures that answer that question. Here are a  few. John 17:3, John 3:16, Philippians 2:5-11.  Philippians 2:9,10 reads "For this very reason also God exal

How can you be a witness to your faith in Jesus Christ?

How can you be a witness to your faith in Jesus Christ?   Like the account in John 9 of the man born blind, you can only witness of what you know. So, the best thing is to

Why is faith important to Christians?

Christians believe that Jesus was born and lived as a human being to show us how to live a good life; that he died a painful death as a human being that our sins may be forgiv

What can you learn from the faith of the Christian martyrs?

I learned to them through their faith to God,ready to die for him,and sacrifice for him. Also they renounce their will and follow the will of God through preaching the Good Ne

Who formed the first christians into a community of faith?

The very earliest Christian leaders attested outside the gospels (but still in the Bible) were James and Peter, whom Paul mentions in Galatians. Paul is ambiguous as to whethe

When did the Christian Faith begin?

The Christian faith began with the crucifixion and subsequent resurrection of Jesus Christ in A.D. 33. Another Answer: Some have dated the Father's Church established by Jesus

What is the difference between faith in Christ and faith of Christ?

  Faith of Christ simply means with God all things are possible in His righteousness and Holiness and in truth. And Faith in Christ means a trust you have in Him and set

Why do Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ?

Because of the resurrection of Christ Jesus, Christian's have  assurance of the resurrection of all persons-some to salvation;  some to perdition. That is God's ultimate ans

What did reformers believe about the christian faith?

In the history of Christianity there have been thousands of reformers and they all believed different things. The "Reformation" was led/caused by Martin Luther and his primary

What helps us to live as faithful followers and true witnesses of Jesus Christ?

The Sacraments. Jesus said a person must be born again, of the Spirit. A person can't be a faithful follower and true witness without being spiritually born again. The sacra

Who leads the christian faith?

Jesus Christ, He is the head of the church. The illustration is  given in the New Testament of a body. Christians are parts of the  body and Christ is the head of the body 

Which sacrament is the heart of our Christian faith?

Jesus left three things for His disciples to do:   1. make disciples. 2. baptize new disciples. 3. take bread and wine  to remember Him.    Taking the bread and wi