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I suppose you could somehow increase the amperage from the battery to make the motor spin faster but it would probably burn out. Of, if there is some sort of gear drive you could put a larger gear on the motor and smaller one on the wheel but then you would lose power and may have to push it to get it going.

In order to make your scooter go faster, you would have to change the speed control unit and batteries. No matter how many batteries you add to your scooter you will burn out the speed controller. Your best bet to go faster is to buy a bigger watt scooter from the git go or get a gas one.

Use a voltmeter to find out how many volts are lost between the battery and the motor at full load. If more than one volt, install a foot switch and some heavy cable to bypass the controller and wiring.

you must choose a Honda products,it has more speed and less weight.and Honda products has many service centers

Take it to a professional. I bought an Ajutor electric bike that went a laughable 20km an hour then i took it to one of my friends work where a guy who knew a little about them disconnected the retrictor from under the foot pannel and know it goes a respectable road worthy pace!. Me and my grandad try to do it ourselves and we nearly broke it!. I paid £20 and now it goes like a restricted petrol scooter which is better than a restricted electric scooter. Don't mess about with the restictor yourself it can really wreck your battery.

you must buy a new one or...you must lessen the motor's/scooter's weight
OR, get a +5 from mykwilwin.com this wire adapter allows you to easily ad a (7.2volt) or (8.4volt) r/c or airsoft battery to your electric scooter or pocket bike for added speed without spending a fortune
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