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How can you put songs from one itunes onto another itunes on a different computer without copying your songs onto blank discs or an ipod?

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Here are the steps if you have iTunes on the "different computer:"
  1. Connect your iPod to the computer
  2. A window will come up saying that there are songs on your iPod that are not on the computer
  3. It'll ask "Do you want to transfer songs?"
  4. Click: Transfer Songs
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How can you put songs from a friends iPod onto your iTunes?

I am sorry friend, but that can not happen. During the syncing process, everything on your iPod is erased and replaced with everything in your itunes. You could try burning yo

Do you need itunes to put songs onto your iPod?

Yes you do. To put a song on your Apple device, you must first put it on iTunes. You can do that buy importing a mp3 file from your computer, or purchasing it from iTunes dire

How do you put a limewire song onto iTunes?

  * Download the song(s) you want.  * Go to library.  * Highlight all the songs.  * Click save.  * name folder(or leave it as lime wire)  * open itunes  * go to file

How do you copy the songs of an ipod nano onto itunes?

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If you are using a mac, go on Miro. Where the song is, to the right it should say 'show more' with an arrow pointing downwards. Click that. When the menu shows up, click 'show

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