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How can you stop condensation from forming on copper plumbing pipe?

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Insulate cold water lines and fittings as much as possible to help with condensation issue.
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Can you use copper pipe for propane plumbing?

  Copper tubing is used for underground propane service lines but should be installed by a licensed propane company. See www.propane101.com/gasserviceline.htm for a better

What are the 3 grades of copper pipe used in plumbing?

K, L, M , DWV , ACR, Annealed , Drawn, TP, Dehydrated all dependent on the application at hand     some countries go by class depending on the thickness of the copper

What is the full form of PPR pipes in plumbing?

PPR pipe means Pipe made of  Polypropylene Random Copolymer (Polypropylene Random Copolymer type  3). The raw material of PPR pipe is Polypropylene Random Copolymer  (PPR-C

Is copper pipe better to use for plumbing than brass?

Red Brass = 85 % copper /15 % zinc Yellow Brass = 60% Copper 40 % Zinc Copper TP is threadless pipe diameter Copper tubing Type K / L/ M So what is tyhe application and worki

How do you stop plumbing vibrating pipe noise?

  Depending where the noise is coming from but normally this type of question relates to water hammer which is caused by pipes not being secured properly, make sure all pi

How to Replace a section of copper plumbing pipe?

Assuming it is 15mm. Buy 2 15mm couplers (compression, push fit, pre-soldered or end feed) and a length of 15mm copper pipe. Chop the copper pipe that needs replacing and conn

Is copper pipe different for plumbing and air conditioning?

One is nitrogen cleaned to remove impurities also there is type K,L, M ,DWV and ACR which stands for air conditioning and refrigeration ...Type TP is not used any more as v

Why is copper pipe used in residential plumbing?

Copper pipe is used in residential plumbing because copper is a durable material, proving to be strong against damages and so forming irregular bends with copper means it stil