How chopper trans function?

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What Is a Chopper?

A Chopper can be any of several items: . A cutting instrument used by a butcher . A stone tool for butchering . A heavy axe . A type of motorcycle that has been modified

What is a brake chopper?

It is an electrical device (and not a electronic device) which is used as a heating resistor to brake variable frequency drives (ac Drives) externally, (and nowhere related to

What is Chopper Opera?

Chopper Opera is the name of an Australian charity musical production done in the 1990's bye the casts of Phantom of the Opera and Miss Saigon.

What is Morgan chopper?

It is a chopper (a device for step up or down dc voltage from fixed dc source) for low or medium load.Its main advantage is that it only required one thyristor. Capacitor and

What is chopper transformer?

A chopper transformer is a kind of transformer used in an switching power supply.The primary input voltage of it is a Direct current (D.C) unlike any other ordinary step down
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What is a crop chopper?

A "crop chopper" if I understand what you are referring to is a machine used to harvest various crops usually for use as cattle feed. They are typically called forage harveste