How deep is the Atlantic ocean in feet?

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It reaches 4,000 meters (13,000) Ft.
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How deep is the Atlantic Ocean?

Its deepest point is Milwaukee Deep which is in the Puerto Rico Trench −8,605 metres (-28,232 ft) it is 28.323ft

What is the ocean pressure at 3000 feet deep?

At sea level, you have one atmosphere of pressure(14.7 psi). Every 33 ft that you descend adds another atmosphere of pressure. Therefore 3000 ft/33 ft=90.91 ATM. Now add the o

Why is the deep pacific ocean more acidic than the deep Atlantic ocean?

Naturally, seawater in the North Pacific Ocean is more acidic(lower in pH) than in the North Atlantic Ocean. This is related tothe circulation, biology and chemistry in the oc

How many leagues deep is the Atlantic ocean?

There is more than one definition for the length of a league. The English define a league as 4.8 km, while the French measurement ranges from 3.3 km to 4.7 km. The reason for