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How did Alexander the Great introduce Greek ideas to Egypt and central Asia?

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Alexandria in EgyptAlexander and his army brought greek ideas and beliefs wherever they went. He would leave a few men behind for them to teach the people their culture.
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How did Alexander the great affect Greek culture?

Alexander the Great had one of the greatest effects on Greek  culture. As he expanded his empire he mixed Greek culture with  Eastern culture and catalyzed the Hellenistic e

Did Alexander brought Greek culture to Ancient Egypt?

He did bring the Greek culture to ancient Egypt but we are not sure  about how much they adopted it. Ancient Egypt as you might now  already had a great culture since it exi

How did Alexander the Great spread different ideas to unite his empire?

He established over 70 Greek-style cities (half modestly named  Alexandria after himself, one after his horse), hoping to spread  Greek culture. He also married Persian wome

Who taught king Alexander the great to love greek ways?

Alexander the Great was Greek so like all Greek youths grew up withstories of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey and the Greek heroes, ofhistory, myths and legends. He was raised atten