How did April the giraffe give birth?

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Giraffes give birth like any other mammal: the baby comes from the uterus down through the vagina. The only difference is that a giraffe is very tall, so the baby has a long way to drop before it lands on the ground (or in April's case, in the soft hay of her enclosure).

Where do giraffes give birth?

Giraffes don't have homes, nests or dens. They move aroundpretty much all the time. . A pregnant giraffe will simply try to find a spot that offerssome protection from predat

Where does a mother giraffe give birth?

out her vagina I think that they give birth under tree's because of the shades and obviously the close food supply as well as seeing if predators are approaching.

Does giraffe give birth to live young?

Yes they do. Giraffe's are like all Mammals. The mother giraffe is pregnant for nearly 400 days and at the end of it, a singe live giraffe calf is born. The calf is around 6 f