How did Bulgaria get the name Bulgaria?

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Bulgaria gets its name from the Bulgar people, who migrated from Central Asia to Eastern Europe in the 7th century. They established Old Great Bulgaria (roughly where Ukraine is today) and later, some of them settled on the Balkans and mixed with the local Slavic and Thracian populations. They fought with and gained independence from the Byzantine Empire, to form the First Bulgarian Kingdom in 681 (the official "birth" of what is today Bulgaria).
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Where is Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is in SE Europe next to Greece, Serbia, Turkey, Romania and Macedonia. It is west of the Black Sea. at the bottom of Europe

What is the source of the name Bulgaria?

The name comes from one of the tribes who originally came from asia. its people were called Bulgari who formed the Bulgarian nation along with other tribes such a Slavic and T

Has Bulgaria changed its name?

No it hasn't (if you consider only the word Bulgaria). But if youlook to to Bulgaria it has been changed manytimes. It was Bulgarian monarchy till 09.09.1944, Communist Party

What are the names of all the cities in Bulgaria?

Capital=Sofia Other Cities=Rousse, Pleven, Silistra, Plovdiv, Varra, Shumen, Veliko Turnovo, Bourgas, Kazanlak, Balchik, Kiten, Primorsko, Sozopol, Nessebar, Ravda, Sveti

What can you do in Bulgaria?

In Bulgaria you can climb the mountains, play in the snow in the winter,Sun bathe on the beach in the summer,enjoy the wonderful culture and food, swim in one of the refreshin

Is Thrace an old name for Bulgaria?

Thrace (Thracia in lat. and in Bulgarian Trakia) was never an old name of Bulgaria (after Bulgaria was extablished first in 681 AD by Haan Asparukh). Well Mizia, the Rodhopes,

How the name Bulgaria came?

The word Bulgaria (България) came from the word Pre-Bulgarian (Прабългари)

What are the names of the mt in Bulgaria?

Well, Bulgaria doesn't really have any mountains. It only has one major mountain called Musala. I don't exactly know how tall it is, but (extra info) there are lakes on the mo