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How did Hun invasions contribute to the decline of Rome?

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The Huns completely captured half of the Roman Empire during its decline causing Rome to change the capital.
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What were some reasons for the decline of rome?

They had many enemies that were always trying to take over. Another reason is that the Roman empire was so grand and large, that it was hard to organize and manage everything.

What caused the decline of rome?

The decline of Rome was primarily due to three causes, two of which were mostly internal to Roman society. . Poor Leadership - The leadership of Rome was weak and often corr

How did the Hun invasion of the goth territories affect the roman empire?

It destroyed the empire by pushing the Goths out of their territory and causing them to invade Roman territory. To say that the Huns destroyed the empire is a bit extreme. T

Why did Rome decline?

Rome declined due to a series of invasions from outside nations and corrupt government officials.

When did Attila the hun conquer eatern Rome?

He didn't. He attacked Western Rome in 451 AD but was beaten in Gaul (France) by Western Forces under Flavius Aetius. A few years later he invaded Italy while Rome was still r

How did the Rome decline fall apart?

Rome declined for a variety of reasons. First, they had grown too  large to effectively govern. Rome was also suffering from  considerable internal pressures. There were so

What was one of the causes of the decline of Rome?

The decline of the Roman Roman Empire started in what has been called the Crisis of the Third Century, during which: a) There were constant invasions across the frontiers of t