How did Lithuania get its name?

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Scientists aren't sure so far, but there are some theories. "Lietuva" reffer to:
  • Litovnija - the land of seaside translated from (I don't know) language
  • Litus - seaside
  • Lietuva - lėtųjų kraštas - Lithuania is the land of slower ones
  • Lietava - the river in Lithuania
  • Lietis - join, unite
  • Lietuva - there was a soldiery
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Where is Lithuania?

Lithuania is in Europe Lithuania is located in Europe, northeast of Poland. It lies to the north of Belarus and to the south of Latvia, on the eastern shore of the Baltic Se

What was Lithuania named after?

It originates from a Lithuanian word lietus (rain) so lietu va is named after rain because it rains quite alot in Lithuania

What are the names of mountains in Lithuania?

Lithuanian mountains are quite low. According to the weblink below, where a list of named mountains can be found, they are all below 300m in height. The highest "hill" (rather

Is budrowich a Lithuania name?

No. I'm Lithuanian, and this doesn't sound like anything Lithuanian. Probably it's Polish. Or even from the middle Europe countries, such as Czech Republic, and Hungary.

How are you in Lithuania?

In Lithuania the people feel like wired words when they say something because im from Lithuania and the Capital of Lithuania is Vilnus I know!

Why is it named Lithuania?

because if you say lithuania in lithuanian the first part sounds like rain and there is a lot of riain there sometimes in some seasons