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Satoshi Tajiri created Pokemon in 1995 and presented the idea to Nintendo and they loved it. The end.
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When is the next Pokemon Nintendo event?

On September 29, 2007 at any Toys R Us store they will be giving out a free Manaphy if you bring your Nintendo DS and Pokemon diamond or pearl.Go to www.Pokemon.com for more i

Is Pokemon Colosseum for Nintendo ds?

No, it is a gamecube game, because gamecubes and their games are no longer produced you may need to obtain a gamecube emulator like Dolphin and download the Rom.

How do you get a Nintendo Event on Pokemon RubySapphire?

Nintendo events are real life events hosted by Nintendo. If you're hoping to get a ticket such as the Mystic Ticket, or Auorora Ticket, your out of luck seeing as Nintendo eve

How do you get Nintendo event on Pokemon Platinum?

Platinum will have wi-fi events sometime in 2009. First go to jubilife city. go to jubilife tv. go to the person who asks u about tv on the 3rd floor. 4 the first 2 words say

Can you get Pokemon Crystal on Nintendo DS?

With an Ms ds real you can add "lameboy.nds" which is an emulator, then you can run that and play the game boy colour games also loaded on the card, obviously back ups of your