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How did Romans dye their togas?

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The Romans were well aware of various fabric dyes. But, they DID NOT dye their togas. The toga was an off white woolen garment. Children, senators and the emperor could have a purple stripe along the edges, but that was all. The only variation of the toga's color was when a man was running for public office. He would then lighten and whiten his toga with powdered chalk as a symbol of his purity of intentions.
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The Romans would normally wear a shoe for outdoor footwear. This could be a leather sole, with optional small wooden bars or nails on the underside, and either a bootie type a

Why was purple dye expensive during roman times?

The dye was called imperial, royal or Tyrian purple. It was generally reserved to the emperors or kings. It did not fade easily. Instead, it became brighter with weathering an

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No of course not! Underwear wasn't invented until the late 1880's and 2000 years ago Greco-Roman togas were used without underwear. Wearing underwear under a toga defeats the

What is a toga in ancient Greek times?

a toga is a item of greek clothing usually worn by men

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Go to Target or Walmart (or some place like that) and buy a full sized plain white sheet. You could buy it in a color, but if you want it to look authentic, it really should b

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The Romans wore the toga because it was their national dress. It Indicated that the man wearing it was a Roman citizen and was entitled to all the courtesies due him. The tuni

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What color is a Greek or Roman toga?

A toga was usually white. The Ropmans also had coloured togas which were symbols of status. The toga preatexta, was white and had a purple border. It was worn by current off

What do togas represent?

In Roman culture only the very wealthy were allowed to wear togas.  A toga required the use of one hand when walking. This meant that  the person wearing the toga could not