How did Romans dye their togas?

The Romans were well aware of various fabric dyes. But, they DID NOT dye their togas. The toga was an off white woolen garment. Children, senators and the emperor could have a purple stripe along the edges, but that was all. The only variation of the toga's color was when a man was running for public office. He would then lighten and whiten his toga with powdered chalk as a symbol of his purity of intentions.
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Do you wear underwear under a toga?

No of course not! Underwear wasn't invented until the late 1880's and 2000 years ago Greco-Roman togas were used without underwear. Wearing underwear under a toga defeats the (MORE)

What was ancient roman hair dye made of?

A mix of animal fat and beechwood ash was used for red dye. Saffron was used for gold/blond dye. Leeches fermented in vinegar for 40 days were su (MORE)

What color is a Greek or Roman toga?

A toga was usually white. The Ropmans also had coloured togas which were symbols of status. The toga preatexta, was white and had a purple border. It was worn by current offi (MORE)
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What color was the Julius Caesar's toga?

Julius Caesar wore a purple and gold toga before his assassination. Purple was the most expensive color of the time as the dye was created from crushed seashells. It was an ho (MORE)

When did Romans stop wearing togas?

By the late Republic, the Roman men stopped wearing togas except for very serious occasions. They had grown from the simple "bedsheet" type of garment worn in the early days o (MORE)

Why did Romans wear togas and tunics?

The Romans wore the toga because it was their national dress. It Indicated that the man wearing it was a Roman citizen and was entitled to all the courtesies due him. The tuni (MORE)

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Saratoga, New York is where The Battle of Saratoga took place. It was the turning point in the Revolutionary War, it was when the British realized that the Americans might def (MORE)

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