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How did Romans dye their togas?

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The Romans were well aware of various fabric dyes. But, they DID NOT dye their togas. The toga was an off white woolen garment. Children, senators and the emperor could have a purple stripe along the edges, but that was all. The only variation of the toga's color was when a man was running for public office. He would then lighten and whiten his toga with powdered chalk as a symbol of his purity of intentions.
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What Togas did Romans wear into battle?

They wore armor over something... So just a normal toga with armor on top. Now, seriously, how in the world could anyone go into battle wearing a toga? Those things were made

Why did Romans wear togas?

They wore togas because they were light and easy to move in. The more wealthy you were the more majestic and beautiful they were. Not because they invented them?

Did the Romans wear togas?

Yes, if they were Roman citizens. During the Republic and Augustean times, the toga went down to the ancles. Later, it became shorter and went to under the knees.

Did Roman soldiers wear a toga?

No, at least not into battle. The toga was the hallmark of a Roman citizen, so some soldiers might have been able to wear it when they weren't in uniform (and only if they wer

Why did Romans wear togas and tunics?

The Romans wore the toga because it was their national dress. It Indicated that the man wearing it was a Roman citizen and was entitled to all the courtesies due him. The tuni

When did the Romans wear togas?

At the beginning of the city the Romans wore their togas daily as a sign of their citizenship, in other words, the toga said who they were. However over the years the toga gre

How were Roman togas held together?

The togas were held together by the particular way they were worn. They were draped under one arm and around the body with the long end tossed over the opposite shoulder, like

Did child Romans wear togas?

Yes, freeborn boys wore the "toga praetexta" (the kid had to learn how to walk and move in the thing). This was a toga bordered with a thin purple stripe which he wore until h

How do you put a roman toga on?

The Roman toga, seemed to have a life of its own as it grew from the simple rectangular wrap of the early Romans to the elaborate eight-foot-long monstrosity that Roman men we

What did the Romans use to clean their togas?

The main ingredient in the Roman fuller's cleaning method was urine. It seems as if they needed the alkali in urine to complete the cleaning process. Remember that this urine

What color is a Greek or Roman toga?

A toga was usually white. The Ropmans also had coloured togas which were symbols of status. The toga preatexta, was white and had a purple border. It was worn by current off

What colours were Romans togas?

Adult Roman male  citizens wore an undyed woollen toga (the toga virilis),  which was off-white. This was a woollen cloth of perhaps 20  ft. (6 m) in length which was wrapp