How did Samuel de Champlain interact with the Natives?

Champlain had a bad relationship with native they came to greet him and he shot them and called them savages and never did like them

Samuel de Champlain worked with the natives once because he was trading with them in new France. he had to attack another tribe by helping one
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Where is Samuel De Champlain Buried?

His exact burial spot is not known. He is thought to be buried somewhere near Notre-Dame de Québec Cathedral in Québec City. The original church where he was buried burned t (MORE)
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What did Samuel de Champlain affect Canada?

if you mean how, he did many things to increase development like make a trading post in 1608. He also made a big fort that many people lived in. He made an approximate map of (MORE)

Who was Samuel de Champlain?

The founder of Quebec itself!   Samuel de Champlain was a French explorer. He was born in Brourage, France in 1567. He traveled back and forth from France to New England an (MORE)

When and who was Samuel de Champlain married?

Samuel de Champlain married the twelve-year old Helene Boulle on December 30, 1610 in the Church of Saint-Germain I'Auxerrois which still stands in Paris facing the east end o (MORE)

What relationships did Samuel de Champlain have with natives?

During the summer of 1609 Champlain attempted to form better relations with the local native tribes. He made alliances with the Wendat (called Huron by the French) and with th (MORE)

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