How did Spanish become Panama's official language?

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When Spain colonized panama in the 1500's, they brought spanish with them. It's stayed there ever since.
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Where is spanish the official language?

Spain Colombia Peru Venezuela Ecuador Guatemala Cuba Bolivia Honduras Paraguay El Salvador Costa Rica Panama Equatorial Guinea Puerto Rico Mexico Argentina Chile Dominican Re

Should Spanish be the official language?

It already IS the official language-- in Spain, and Mexico and several other countries.. If you mean should Spanish be the official language in the United States? Well not re

Were is Spanish the official language?

There are 21 countries that have their official language as Spanish: . Spain (in Europe) Equatorial Guinea (In Africa) Mexico (in North America) Guatemala (in Central

Is Spanish the official language in MiamiFL?

Not at all. Miami, FL is obviously in the US and Spanish is not the official language nowhere in the US. You will find many people (or most) speaking Spanish because of the gr

Why did spanish become an official language in central America?

Almost all of the countries of South and Central America were at one time Spanish colonies in the New World. The Spaniards were the first Europeans to explore (and plunder) th

Is Spanish an official language in the US?

No. The US has not adopted any language as its official language, even English. However it is the official language of Puerto Rico (as well as English), a territory of the US.

How did Spanish become an official language in Mexico?

Mexico was colonized by the spanish around the 15-16 centuries, and when Mexico gained independence in the 19th century, the spanish language was spoken by the whole country.

Is Spanish an official language in Managua?

In all technicality, no. Nicaragua has no official language, although since Spanish is the de facto official language, it is effectively the official language in Managua.
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When did Panama's flag become official?

The current Panama flag was adopted in 1903 and provisionallyapproved in 1904 by the Constituent Assembly. It was not definitelyapproved until 1925