How did different denominations of the christian church start?

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People disagree on the details of how Christianity is properly practiced.
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What are the differences among the various denominations of the Christian church?

Denominational differences . This question is very general and is more easily answered on a pair-level comparison.. In summary, the various denominations fall under numero

How does the Christian denomination differ from the Baptist denomination?

Answer . Anyone who believes that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, believing that Christ was born of the Virgin Mary, was crucified and rose again on the third day, paying

How to start a non denominational church?

Just have faith in a God and do it .He said upon this rock i will build my church ....choose the rock and have church Can you be recognized by the state as a minister, and a

What about Christians going to different church denomination every week?

you believe what you are told from the time you are born so if you are born in another part of the world you will believe what you are told is right and ofcourse everyone is r

What makes the Anglican Church different from other Christian denominations?

They use The Book of Common Prayer in their services. It is formally the Established Church of England ie part of the State - a number of bishops sit in the "House of Lor

Is The Roman Catholic Church a Christian Denomination?

Yes it is. A Christian is a follower of Christ. Actually, a Christian is NOT just a follower of Christ, a Christian is also someone who ACCEPTED Jesus Christ as their person

What makes each denomination of christian churches different?

There are several reasons why there are so many different church denominations, these are practices, style of worship, style of service, locality, language, but the major thin

Why does the Christian church have so many different denominations?

Christianity really isn't a church or a religion although there arenow churches that identify themselves as "The Christian Church"etc... These church's are more purists when i

What is the difference in the holy communion in the Catholic Church and other Christian denominations?

A: The Catholic Church teaches that the bread and wine are literallyturned into the body and blood of Jesus, although they retain allthe physical and chemical properties of t