How did the Dutch get Suriname?

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It is through the provisions of the Treaty of Breda that the Dutch got Suriname.

Specifically, the treaty was signed on July 31, 1667 in the Dutch city of Breda. It represented a quick attempt to end the Second Anglo-Dutch War of 1665-1667. By that treatment, the Dutch exchanged their colony of New Amsterdam for the English colony of Suriname.
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What is 'When she comes to Suriname' in Dutch?

"Als zij naar Suriname komt" is one way of saying "When she comes to Suriname", another way of saying is "Waneer komt zij naar Suriname?" it could mean "When is she coming to

Why is Dutch the official language of Suriname?

The Netherlands is the source of the official language of Suriname. Dutch speakers from the Netherlands began settling the subsequent Republic in the 17th century. The area p

Is Paramaribo in Suriname or in Dutch Guinea?

Paramaribo is in both Suriname and Dutch Guiana (not DutchGuinea) . It's the capital and largest city in the Republic ofSuriname. Before independence, Suriname was a Dutch co

When did Dutch Guiana become Suriname?

Generally Suriname was known as Dutch Guiana until gaining independence on November 25, 1975 . But the name within the country already was Suriname. Suriname is the Dutch spe

Does Suriname belong to the Dutch Language Union?

Yes , Suriname belongs to the Dutch Language Union. Suriname became an associate member in 2004. The Dutch Language Union [Nederlandse Taalunie is an international institution

What is the earliest known painting of the Dutch colony of Surinam?

'Plantage in Surinam' [Plantation in Surinam] is the earliest known painting of the Dutch colony of Surinam. It was painted in 1707 by Amsterdam artist Dirk van Valkenburg [1

Who wrote the first book on butterflies and insects of the Dutch colony of Surinam?

Maria Sibylla Merian [April 2, 1647-January 13, 1717] wrote and illustrated the first book on Suriname's butterflies and insects, 'Metamorphosis Insectorum Surinamensium', in

What is the Dutch 'Sociëteit van Suriname' in English?

The Society of Suriname is an English equivalent of 'Sociëteit van Suriname'. The Society was a private Dutch company founded on May 21, 1683. Its purpose was the producti

Did Suriname gain independence from the Dutch or from the Netherlands?

It refers to the same country: Suriname gained independence from the Dutch, who are the people who are residents of the Netherlands (also known as Holland). Suriname was a

What Southeast Asian people did the Dutch bring to settle their colony of Suriname?

Indonesians are the Southeast Asian people, some of whose ancestors, especially from Java, were brought by the Dutch to settled the colony of Suriname. Specifically, the D