How did the metis get to Manitoba?

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If you are referring to the time period around the Red River Rebellion, for the most part, the Metis involved in it were born in what is now Manitoba. The Metis people originated as the children born of Indian women and fathered by Frenchmen involved in the fur trade. Those children born of Indian women and fathered by Englishmen involved in the fur trade were usually referred to as half-breeds. Generally speaking, Metis were Catholics and half-breeds were Anglicans.
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They are the children of aboriginal women and E European settlers

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The Métis are a people that are descended from intermarriage between the native Northern Plains Indians and the French-Canadian explorers and settlers. They live mostly in

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The Metis are a group of people in Canada who are descended from the marriages of members of aboriginal people of Canada (such as the Cree, Ojibway, Algonquin, Saulteaux, Meno

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The Metis are the coolest people in the world and they can own any fire squad in seconds with stealth, bow & arrows, feathers, and BIG DICKS

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the metis were a mix of first nations and french and they could speak both french and first nations languages.

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Metis people are people of both European and aboriginal ancestry. For example, if a French man came to North America and married an aboriginal woman, their children would be M

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