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How did the settlements in other countries effect the history of ancient Greece?

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Overpopulated Greek city-states shipped their surplus people to seize new land around the littorals of the Mediterranean and Black Seas and form new city-states, creating over 2,000 city-states which influenced the whole area for two millennia until other peoples moved in and changed the cultures. These city-states traded, warred and spread their culture.
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What effects did the geography of Greece have on settlement patterns?

The arable land was divided by sea, rivers and mountains. Each  patch of arable land supported farming communities, which built  defensive fortresses whih in time grew into

When the ancient Greeks established settlements in other countries they came into contact with people from other cultures. How might this have affected the history of ancient Greece?

The principal thing which made them Greek was their common cultureand language. They retained this culture throughout the coloniesthey established. There was no suggestion of

Was ancient Greece a country?

Ancient Greece was not a country or nation, but a collection ofcity states with a common ethnic, cultural and linguistic identity.The tough terrain of Greece (including Mt. Ol

How did the mountains and seas affect ancient Greece culture and history?

It effected the trade and travel.The mountains in the area made it very difficult for travel, it could take days! The mountains also made it hard to combine all of Greece's co

What are 2 geographic features of ancient Greece what are the effects on the city-states of ancient Greece?

Mountains, rivers and seas which split the country up and promoted  the formation of city-states with their own patch of land and a  fortified city in its midst.    I

What relationships did ancient Greece have with other civilizations?

Ancient Greece was not a unified country. It was a bunch of city-states, so they considered themselves their own country's you could say. They were always in wars with each ot

History of physical education in ancient Greece?

Every four years, men in ancient Greece competed in a physical  education games in western Greece. It became to be known as the  Olympic Games because the places was called

What long term effect did the Persian war have on ancient Greece?

It established Peraia as a bogeyman, and eventually when the Persian Empire was conquered by Macedonia, Alexander the Great incorporated a veneer of Greek culture into them. M