How did the settlements in other countries effect the history of ancient Greece?

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Overpopulated Greek city-states shipped their surplus people to seize new land around the littorals of the Mediterranean and Black Seas and form new city-states, creating over 2,000 city-states which influenced the whole area for two millennia until other peoples moved in and changed the cultures. These city-states traded, warred and spread their culture.
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What was the history of ancient Greece?

Greece had and still has alot of history but to find the main points in its history you have to pick out what you think it is instead of relieing on others. i hope that's good

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The principal thing which made them Greek was their common cultureand language. They retained this culture throughout the coloniesthey established. There was no suggestion of

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There were no 'countries' - there were independent city-states. When these cities, with limited agricultural land, becameoverpopulated, they each shipped of their surplus to s

In ancient Greece New settlement started by people who keep there ties with their native country?

The city-states solved overpopulation by sending them off to seizenew land and make a new city-state for themselves. These newcities, spread around the Mediterranean and Black