How different liquids effect a plants growth?

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Ok,yes if you do water the plants with different liquids the growth of the plants will be different and will effect the plants. Acid will kill the plants, some other liquids like a sports drink will probably make the plant have an odor,it all depends on the type of seed and the liquids and how mush of the liquid you are "feeding" the plant.And some liquids have nutrients or toxic solutions
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Will different liquids affect the growth of plants?

They will. Apple juice in plants won't make the plants die fast, but soda will. Soda will make it turn yellow and die. Milk will make it grow a little but, not as much as wate

How do different soils effect plant growth?

A loam soil that has lots of organic nutrients and good air flow will make the plant grow faster.. As with a clay type soil that stays wet, doesn't have much nutrition value

Does the type of liquid effect the growth of plants?

Miracle-Gro. Miracle-Gro and other similar fertilizers are simply combinations of the various chemicals that plants need to grow, particularly those that most peoples' backyar

Does the different type of soil effect the growth of a plant?

Yes, of course. If you expect your plant to 'do its best' and survive to its fullest extent, your soil must deliver the nutrients and other support that the plant requires as