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How do Girls like there pusey licked?

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one spelled pussy, two just get in there most are clitorally stimulated so find that and go for it. P.S. no teeth
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Do girls like there vagina to be licked?

YES, every single girl I know who has had their vagina licked, love it. Some even say its better then sex. But it depends how good the person is who is licking the girls vagin

Why do girls like to have their vagina licked?

Lick around the clitoris to start, every woman is different but a  good rule is the "circling drain and toy boat" method. Imagine a  small toy boat in a round sink full of w

How do girls like vaginas licked?

U need to first find her clit. Licking her vagina wil not do her any good. The clitoris is a female penis. U need to concentrate on the C spot, G spot & U spot to make her mad

Do girls like when you lick their vagina?

Many do. Often depends on the situation - most would not, if you tried it during study hall, or at church...However, after a nice dinner and a night out, when you're relaxing
Do girls like it when their boobs are licked?

Do girls like it when their boobs are licked?

Well, it depends on the girl. Not all girls like it, but many do.

Why do boys like to lick girls?

Maybe they just love the way they taste. Or they just playing around to gross out the ladies . Haha , I wonder why is that too o_o it's kind of weird !
Why like girl lick vulva?
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Why like girl lick vulva?

Because the roughness of the tongue gives them "more" pleasure !!

Do girls like licking her vagina?

Well, girls cant reach, but during sexy sex boys can lick it and it would be better when the boys lick it that the girls kind of squeeze their legs together, with the boys hea
Do girls like it if you lick her boobs?

Do girls like it if you lick her boobs?

Of course! it's makes them feel good, especialy when they are moaning. I suggest that you do that in a sexy way so him/her will feel super good. (NOTE make sure your naked and
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Do girls like when you lick their breast?

Yes most women like to Bruise and suck Their breast . Breast is their Beauty , so men lick do Handel breast and press and suck with taste . Don't in take milk . salty