How do Girls like there pusey licked?

one spelled pussy, two just get in there most are clitorally stimulated so find that and go for it. P.S. no teeth
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Why do girls lick their lips?

Girls don't, only when there is a yummy food that they cant wait to get there hands on. but everyone does that? The same reason we all do to keep them moist and comfortable. (MORE)

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Why Does A Dog Licking Lips Mean?

Dogs have their own special way of telling us their wants and needs. It is our duty as their companions to try to understand what the behavior means and what the animal is try (MORE)

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How does a guy licking a girl feel?

  well it depends on wat she did early today like if she took a bath or shower it would taste like poison and spice

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How do you get a man to lick girls feet?

how to get a girl to lick there feet you tell a girl or women i want to lick there feet with any food on it pleasefrom faraazring this number07510146740

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Why don't cats lick you like dogs do?

Dogs do that to leave their scent, or to show you the're happy. Cats only lick to clean. You see, dirt sticks to there tongue, and so does the cat's hair (that explains hair b (MORE)

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