How do I get Pokemon eggs in Pokemon GO?

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You have to go to pokestops and spin it. You have a chance to get an egg
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How do you get a Pokemon egg in Pokemon leafgreen?

You can get a Togepi egg by going somewhere on island 5. If you want different Pokemon, go to 4 island and put a ditto and another Pokemon in the daycare center. Take a little bike ride and after a little while talk to the man outside and he'll give you an egg. Sometimes a few Pokemon don't work. Ho (MORE)

How do you get Pokemon eggs?

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, you have to go to the DayCare center in Solaceon town. You put in two Pokemon of the same type but different genders, (example: Magicarp Female and Magicarp Male) And after a while they may have an egg. You talk to the man outside of the DayCare to get it.

How do you get a pokemon egg?

You put two Pokemon of differenty genders into the Daycare. For the most results use Ditto, and the Pokemon you want to get an egg of. You can get an egg from most Pokemon, but not legendaries. You can use Ditto with almost any Pokemon because it does not have a gender.

How do you get Pokemon eggs in Pokemon Diamond?

Well,the first egg you get is at Hearthome City from this Hiker he is at right by one of the exits but,you have to at least have one space open in your party cause it won't go to your PC like when you catch a Pokemon and your party is full.(Oh,by the way it will end up being a Happiny

How can you get an egg Pokemon?

put 1 of your female (which is the 1 with the red sign) in the day care center and put on your poketch app Day care checker and after a while there will be an egg on the screen so got to the computer thing an leave 1 spare slot in your team and go to the Old man and he'll give you the egg

How do you get Pokemon to have an egg?

go to solocean town and put a boy and girl Pokemon into the training center. Now make sure that the girl Pokemon is the same as the Pokemon species you want the egg to grow up to. walk around for a bit, with the poketch app on the training place to see your Pokemon and when you see an egg appear go (MORE)

How do you get Pokemon to to lay an egg in Pokemon FireRed?

So, you want your Pokemon to breed? Kool. I as well like breeding my Pokemon. OK, to breed your Pokemon you are gonna want to know where a daycare is. Once you get to a daycare I suggest getting one male Pokemon and one female Pokemon. BUT, make sure they are the same type of Pokemon. Like, a male z (MORE)

How do you get a Pokemon egg on Pokemon Pearl?

breed. mostly breed what baby you want with a ditto.example: tauros breeds ditto=baby tauros. another way is to breed what baby you want with what baby you want example:tauros breeds tauros=baby tauros

How do Pokemon have eggs in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You will need a male and female version of the pokemon you want,then put them both in the day care at the same time, for example, amale and female pikachu will give you a baby pichu when the egghatches. to hatch the egg you will just have to walk with it.

How do you get Pokemon egg?

You put a female Pokemon with a male Pokemon of the same egg group in the Day-Care center. Wait a little, then an egg will apear with the Day-Care man.

How do you get a Pokemon egg in Pokemon Diamond?

You have to give two compatible Pokemon to the Day Care Woman in Solaceon Town. Then walk around for awhile while displaying the Breeding Centre Checker App (#9) on the Poketch. You can refresh the display by tapping on it and after walking around for a bit, you will get notice an egg appear. When t (MORE)

Where where do you get Pokemon eggs?

Pokémon eggs are acquired two ways: 1. Someone in the game gives it to you or 2. You breed two compatible Pokémon in the Pokémon Daycare Center. * If you need more information search Google.

How do you get an egg on Pokemon?

To get an egg in Pokemon games that allow for it (the first generation, red, blue etc, doesnt) you need to leave two compatible Pokemon (preferably the same speicies) at the daycare. One needs to be female and one needs to be male. Leave them there and continue your game (or go and do other stuff in (MORE)

How do you get eggs on Pokemon?

You need to breed Pokemon in the Daycare in order to get PokemonEggs. It has to be a male and a female with a compatible Egg Groupbefore they can breed. Talking to the Daycare Man will notify youif they are compatible. The Egg is always the same species as thefemale. (Unless there's a Ditto with a m (MORE)

How do you get a egg on Pokemon?

You need to put a ditto in a daycare with another Pokemon' or there might be a old man you can get one from, sorry not sure in which town though

What is the egg in Pokemon?

The egg is what Pokemon lay when you breed them with males and females (or dittos with other Pokemon) they hatch when you run enough or ride on your bike enough and hatch into the female Pokemon not the male

How do you get Pokemon eggs on Pokemon Platinum?

You put two Pokemon of opposite genders into the daycare. Or you can just put in a Ditto and the Pokemon you want an egg of. The egg will be the original Pokemon form (like from a Gyaridos you would get a Magikarp). Well, in most cases it will be the original, only with certain ones it won't, like w (MORE)

How do you get a Pokemon egg in Pokemon FireRed?

You go to Island 4, go to the Day Care place, leave two Pokemon of the same kind there (make sure they're Male and Female) or leave one Pokemon there and put a Ditto with it, walk around, come back to the Day Care and you will see the Old Man standing outside of the fence, talk to him and he will gi (MORE)

Where do you go to find the egg of crawdaunt in Pokemon platinum?

You can't get a crawdaunt egg ,but you can migrate a corpish and evolve it at level 30 or you can just migrate a crawdaunt from another game ,but no matter what you can't catch a crawdaunt or make a crawdaunt egg (you might be able to make a crawdaunt egg with the action replay ,but I'm not sure bec (MORE)

What two Pokemon GO in the daycare to make eggs?

Any Pokemon that are compatible. Most importantly, you must have amale and a female Pokemon, or either sex and a Ditto. Havingsimilar element types will make it more likely your two Pokemonwill produce an egg.

Pokemon FireRed how do you find pokemon eggs?

You'll need to put a female or a male (Better with the same species) in the Day Care and wait for a certain amount of steps and then talk to the Day Care guy. You can also use Ditto, which will breed with any Pokemon, except Legendaries and genderless Pokemon (Such as; Beldum, Metang, Metagross, etc (MORE)

How can you get eggs in Pokemon?

u can only do this w/ a day-care center u get 'em by putting a boy Pokemon & a girl Pokemon (the same Pokemon for each gendar)also the 2 Pokemon has 2 be on the last evolution(i used a graveler & it gave birth to 2 geodudes)

What Pokemon can you get from an egg and how on Pokemon Platinum?

The answer to this varies. For example, if you have a Ditto and a Pikachu in the day-care, you will eventually get a Pichu. Much like other Pokemon games in the past, there is a day-care center in a specific town (in the Sinnoh region, it is called Solaceon Town). If you put two Pokemon in the same (MORE)

What Pokemon make eggs in Pokemon Diamond?

in Pokemon diamond, the only way to get eggs off Pokemon is to put them in solaceon towns day care, but you need a male and a female, for nexample, i want a ponyta egg, all i'd have to do is put a male and a female ponyta into the day care together, th othere way is to put a Pokemon in with a ditto

How do you get eggs from other Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

Put a ditto and any Pokemon but a legendary or preevolved form in the daycare right below goldenrod city then walk a lot of steps come back and you should be able to get an Egg. In Pokémon HeartGold, Professor Elm will give you a Pokémon Egg that will hatch into a Togepi however you can create (MORE)

When do Pokemon have eggs?

When two Pokemon in the daycare and they both get along it will take at least 1,000 steps until you can find an egg.

How do you get rare Pokemon eggs in Pokemon HeartGold?

get a ditto a rare Pokemon and put them both in the daycare together. and they might lay a egg.-------------------------------------------------------------------------ANSWER 2: your right, person above, but, if they/you (the asker of this question) mean as if in getting it from another character fr (MORE)

How to geT Pokemon FireRed Pokemon eggs?

You will need to put 2 pokemon in the Four Island daycare but not only that but they must be opposite genders and they need to belong in each other's egg groups if none of this is done then you cannot have eggs. However the simplest way to get eggs is to have the 2nd pokemon be Ditto because it can (MORE)

How do you know if your Pokemon are going to lay an egg in pokemon white?

If you put a female and male or Ditto with a Pokemon, speak to the man next to the Day Care door and he'll say either they like each other not. If he's saying its playing with other Pokemon then you need a new pair of Pokemon. If they like each other or not really go walk back and forth until the Da (MORE)

Which Pokemon does eggs?

Almost all Pokemon, excluding most legendaries, are able to lay Eggs if you put them in the Day Care with a Pokemon of the same species but opposite sex/a Ditto.

How do you hatch a Pokemon egg in Pokemon X?

To hatch an egg, you will need to have it in your party and bywalking or biking, you will gain steps. When the required steps aremet, the Pokemon will hatch from the egg. If you have a Pokemonwith the ability flame body, this will lower the number of stepsneeded for the egg to hatch