How do Lady Capulet's views of Juliet's possible marriage to Paris differ from her husband's views?

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Capulet and Lady Capulet both have fairly similar views on the subject: Both of them see it more as a business affair than anything to do with love. Paris is an excellent choice for Juliet, as he is handsome, wealthy, and a gentleman. Lady Capulet is, however, very excited about the wedding, as we see in Act 3, Scene 5, starting at line 65 of the play. Capulet is excited too, but sees it as even less related to relationship than his wife does. Overall, I would say that their views are very similar, so if you are writing an essay on the topic, it's going to be a tough topic to tackle. I would focus on their differing views on Paris, their attitudes towards Juliet's opinion, and their ideas on marriage as a whole.
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