How do air conditioning condensers work?

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Refrigerant is pumped out of the compressor as a high pressure vapor, and it goes into the condenser inlet as such. The condenser acts as a heat exchanger, transferring heat from the refrigerant to the air which passes over the condenser fins. While in the condenser, the refrigerant will change state from a high pressure vapor to a high pressure liquid, then it moves on to the receiver-drier (on a thermal expansion valve system) or the orifice tube (on a fixed orifice tube system).
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How does air conditioning work?

An air conditioner is a device which uses a special type of substance which readily changes from its normal gas state to a liquid one (Typically freon or another refrigerant such as R-20 [chloroform] or R-134 [tetrafluoroethane]). The gas is contained in a closed circuit of pipes connected to a pump (MORE)

What is wrong if the air conditioning condenser freezes?

Answer . \nIf this is not a heatpump, the problem is likely a low refrigerant charge. \n. \nHave a service technician check the pressures and also perform a leak search. \n. \nIf they only add refrigerant and do not perform a leak search you are not getting your money's worth.

How do you release air conditioning condensation on a 2001 Mitsubishi Galant?

Answer . The condensation collects in the lowest part of the HVAC housing. A hard plastic tube penetrates the firewall just to the passenger side of where the steering column exits. On the engine side of the firewall is a short metal tube about 1/2" long to which, hopefully, a rubber tube is a (MORE)

Can you patch an air condition condenser with epoxy?

Answer, epoxy on condenser . Yes, underwater glue has been used on home A/C condenser coils and plastic drain plans. . Yes, we did. I live in the Philippines, Asia, I had trouble with my car condenser and is costly to have four holes to be welded. Aluminum welding, so we decided to use Devcon e (MORE)

How do you make the air condenser work?

An air condenser takes in the surrounding air(at about 45-50 degreeCelsius). The vapor at high pressure enters the condenser and accepts the latent heat of condensation from the hot air thereby rejecting heat to condensing coils. The vapor then becomesliquid.

How does a humidistat work with air conditioning?

An electronic humidistat works by measuring capacitance of an air gap capacitor. In this type of sensor, as air flows in between two electrodes, the capacitance between two plates will change according to the RH contained in air.

How does a air condition compressor works?

Same as an air compressor only it is a sealed system filled with freon. When freon is compressed it becomes a liquid, as it expands or turns into a gas it becomes very cold which is why it works well for cooling. The suction side tubing is larger than the high pressure side so the liquid freon i (MORE)

On a Pontiac Vibe 2003 where is the air conditioning condensation evacuation situated?

It's under the right side dash near the transmission humo. Mine leaked for who knows how long and I had to strip most of the carpet out and dry it for 4 days with fans. The idiots that built the car slipped the drain hose on the plastic pipe but NO CLAMP so my morning rider to work had his big feet (MORE)

What causes condensed water to leak from the air conditioning system?

Moisture from the passenger compartment air settling on and draining from the evaporator causes condensed water to leak from the A/C system.. The Condensate (water that collects on the evaporator coil) drips into a pan on the bottom of the A/C unit inside the car. From there it is directed to the o (MORE)

How does an air conditioning system work?

An air conditioning system works in a cycle. One side of the system is considered the high pressure side and the other side is considered the low pressure side. The air condition compressor can be viewed as the center line between these "sides" of the system. Refrigerant R-12 or R-134a (the most com (MORE)

How to replace an jaguar xk8 air conditioning condenser?

remove front wheels, inner guards and bumper. Then remove air box's, loosen metal bumper support get right air duct out, remove all bolts and fit two longer ones in so it does not drop down. You can now get to condenser pipes and mounting bolts

Air conditioning fan not working?

did you check whether the fan's magnetic contactor overload device was tripped? if so, simply resetting it might fix your problem. If not, look for the pressure switch of your unit, and push the reset button. sometimes this quick fixes are helpful.

What does work Air condition in car?

I am going to take the liberty of guessing you mean, How does the air conditioning (A/C) in cars work? CAUTION Do Not try and repair your own A/C system unless you have had special training in A/C repair. A/C systems are under high pressure and can be extremely cold or hot. The air conditioner i (MORE)

How do Air Condition condensers work?

As refrigerant vapor flows through the tubes, it condenses to liquid and releases heat that the air stream carries away. The condenser is on the high side.

How do air conditioning filters work?

The primary purpose of air filters is to keep the blower and evaporator coil clean. You should clean your A/C filter often to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

Why does your air conditioning works intermittently?

Depending on the year, make and model check the following.............. . 1. Freon level. . 2. Pressure switch. . 3. Pressure switch pigtail. . 4. A/C clutch air gap. . 5. A/C heater controller. . 6. Electrical for the system.

Why is air condition condensation draining on to floor mats of 2004 dodge stratus?

Type your answer here... Well this is not just a problem found on the Stratus. Most cars seem to collect leaves and other dust or dirt in the ventilation system. This debris tends to stay in the compartment that has the condensation drain. This drain can be cleared by poking a pen, little screwdr (MORE)

What can I do when fan will switch on but condenser wont on my air conditioning unit?

If the fan at the furnace is coming on but the outside unit does nothing, check the breaker first. If that's not it check the disconnect switch outside. Some of them have fuses in them that eventually fail. If it's not one of these two things, you in for a service call. I can think of about 15 thing (MORE)

Where is the air conditioning condensation drain located on a 2003 Ford Expedition?

It comes out through the fire wall just to the left (passengerside) of the transmission bell housing above the catalyticconverter. It is nothing more than a little opening through thefire wall; there isn't any tube or anything attached. Thecondensation box just has an opening out the back of it that (MORE)

What negative effect will too low a condensing temperature have on the operation of an air conditioning system?

Low condensing temperatures may result in compressor operational issues and can even lead to failure. Minimum condensing temperatures are generally established by compressor manufacturers in order to ensure that proper reed valve operation and proper sealing of these valves will take place. Addit (MORE)

What is the working principle of air conditioning?

Air conditioning is refrigeration: the removal of heat from the air. Almost all forms use evaporation, the process by which a liquid turns to a gas and in the process absorbs heat energy. Two of the major forms of cooling are: Evaporative Cooling Water is allowed to evaporate on a surface, absor (MORE)

How do heating and air conditioning work?

An AC system is a refrigeration system just like yourrefrigerator, it operates by changing the physical state of arefrigerant via evaporation to remove heat and condensing to rejectthe heat removed out doors. . Upon a call for cooling from the thermostat, a 24 volt signal issent to the AC unit outs (MORE)

What is a condenser in air conditioning?

Pretty simple, it condenses the refridgerant into a liquid (giving off energy as heat) the cooling happens later in the evaporator part where the liquid turns back into a gas (taking the energy from surrounding area, thus lowering the temperature.) The condenser turns the refrigerant into a liquid b (MORE)

Is air condition condensation harmful?

Generally, no. Condensation is water condensed from the air onto the cooling coils. The condensate water is essentially pure when it drips into the drip pan. However, if the condensate is allowed to sit stagnant for a while, it can grow mold or bacteria, which _can_ be hazardous.

How does a air condition system work?

If you want a full, in-depth answer explaining the variouscomponents, how pressure switches work, various compressor types,etc., I'd recommend you take either some HVAC courses or anautomotive air conditioning course.. your local community collegemight offer them, plus they can give you what you nee (MORE)