How do baby goldfish grow?

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if they are being tended to they will need to eat ground up food that's made for there size,At four months they no longer need to eat that kind of food and require regular fish food.
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Do goldfish have babies?

Of course, all animals have babies. This is because reproduction is the only way to keep a species from becoming extinct. Since all living things eventually die, reproduction

How do goldfish have babies?

The female scatters adhesive eggs into the vegetation in their pond and the males scatter their sperm over the eggs. The resultant fertilised eggs develop into fry which, if t

How does a goldfish have babies?

Goldfish lay eggs. These eggs attach to objects in the tank orpond, like leaves. They stay there until the goldfish fry hatch.

Do goldfish grow?

Yes, they will grow almost to half the size of their tank.

What do you do with the babies when the goldfish have them?

Goldfish are egg scatterers. They will normally eat most of the eggs if the adult fish are not removed from the spawing area/tank/pond. The few ova that are not eaten may deve
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Can a goldfish have a baby?

\nThink about this for a minute.. goldfish do not appear out of no where and they aren't artificially created. How else do they appear? Well they breed to produce eggs where g
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When do the goldfish have the babies?

When they mate a few days after they will eggs. They tend to do this when it is about 70 degrees in the tank as it simulates spring when they would lay eggs in the wild.