How do baby goldfish grow?

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if they are being tended to they will need to eat ground up food that's made for there size,At four months they no longer need to eat that kind of food and require regular fish food.
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How do you know when a goldfish having babies?

Goldfish are egg laying fish, and unless there is a male in the tank to chase the female and convince her to release eggs, you may not know that she is either female, or even has eggs to release.

How big can goldfish grow?

It depends on how big your tank is.. The bigger the fishtank, the bigger the fish will grow. . Not only does it matter how big your tank/pond is but it also depends greatly on what the fish is fed, the variety of the fish, and the fishes genetics. Many goldfish can grow over a foot long- here is a (MORE)

Do goldfish have babies?

Of course, all animals have babies. This is because reproduction is the only way to keep a species from becoming extinct. Since all living things eventually die, reproduction ensures that there will be a next generation to that species. Edit: In addition, goldfish lay eggs, which then hatch. The (MORE)

How big will my goldfish grow?

Goldfish can get VERY big. Actually, they naturally never stopgrowing. They can even get up to 3 feet. You may find this hard tobelieve, but this is because most goldfish's growths are stuntedbecause of small tanks. Sometimes they adapt to the tank size andonly grow if put in a bigger tank but this (MORE)

How big do goldfish grow?

they will continue to grow as big as their aquarium/pond allows. Ihave some that are around 8-9 inches long. That being said theirorgans constantly grow. So even though they are stunted in a tanktheir organs will expand stressing and potentially killing thefish.

How do goldfish have babies?

The female scatters adhesive eggs into the vegetation in their pond and the males scatter their sperm over the eggs. The resultant fertilised eggs develop into fry which, if they survive, will eventually become adult goldfish.

How does a goldfish have babies?

Goldfish lay eggs. These eggs attach to objects in the tank orpond, like leaves. They stay there until the goldfish fry hatch.

What do goldfish babies look like?

Goldfish babies look like tiny little transparent fish with blackeyes. They are not born gold. The gold color starts to develop, asthey age.

What color are baby goldfish?

Up until about 2 months they are usually see through! After that, they are a dark brownish color. When they grow to maturity, they grow in orange scales.

Why is the baby goldfish attacking the larger goldfish?

to eat it. the reason? I do no know Edit: Possibly in order to defend themselves. Normally it's the other way around. If the fry are small enough, goldfish will eat them. Either that, or the babies are naturally aggressive towards the bigger goldfish.

How do you feed baby goldfish?

ok you have to get fish flakes and you have to make it really small and if you dont have fish flakes then get a cucumber and slice just one piece and slice that piece in to bits

Goldfish tail grow back?

If only the tail (Caudal) fin is damaged it can grow back. If the flesh part where the fin actually starts (Caudal peduncle) is damaged then it may well not grow back.

How big will a goldfish grow?

Goldfish grow based on the available room and the food supply though the biggest one I ever had maxed out at about ten inches from nose to tail.. They can grow considerably larger than 10 inches even double that. Goldfish do not magically limit the size to which they grow. People who think that are (MORE)

Do goldfish grow as big as their environment?

Yes, the rate at which a goldfish grows, and its overall size, is often partially determined by its environment. This is why pond goldfish are considerably larger than aquarium goldfish, and why goldfish that are cramped-up in bowls stay relatively small. If you want your goldfish to grow into large (MORE)

How baby goldfishes are made?

The female will push out many eggs and the male will swim between the tail and catch theeggs to fetalise them. when fish lay eggs its best to have plants for the eggs to hang on to

What do you do if the babies in the goldfish are dead?

Pregnancy is not involved with the reproduction of goldfish, therefore there is no possible way for a goldfish be filled with [possibly] dead babies. Fertilization of a goldfish's eggs occurs outside of the fish's body, and any further development takes place there too.There is a condition in which (MORE)

How fast does a goldfish grow after hatching?

Approximately 2 inches in length by the time the fish is 4 months old, however the growing rate greatly slows after this period (although the fish will continue to grow until about three years of age) and every goldfish is different so there is no way to know exactly how fast a particular fry will g (MORE)

What do baby goldfish eat?

In the wild they eat tiny (microscopic) creatures and algaes. As they get larger they eat larger creatures and algaes. Specially designed foods are available in the better pet shops to feed fish fry. they eat gold fish food need to make the flacks small enough for them but be sure they are not to sm (MORE)

What do baby goldfish eat to survive?

In nature there are many kinds of tiny macropods, microscopic algaes and other things in the water when goldfish breed in spring under normal/wild conditions. These 'baby goldfish foods' can be purchased at most good pet shops

How do you make a goldfish to grow faster?

A Goldfish will grow quicker if you increase its metabolism slightly. This can be done by keeping the water at summer temperatures of around 65F to 70F. Goldfish kept at this higher temp will also need added space (2 gals per inch of fish), air bubbles and a really good filtration system. Their food (MORE)

Will goldfish scales grow back?

Yes. Given good water conditions and proper food the scales will grow back but there may never be as good as the old scales/markings.

How long do goldfish grow?

Goldfish grow constantly until they die. As far as length of the fish is concerned they commonly grow to 10 or 12 inches but have been known to grow much larger than that. (around 24 inches) .

Do goldfish grow back their tail?

If you provide good, clean water and enough of it, the fishes tail will grow back. There would have to be a reason for the fish to loose its tail. The most common reason is fin rot (fungus) this is caused by filthy/putrid water. To avoid this happening, there are a few basic fish keeping rules. They (MORE)

What do you do with the babies when the goldfish have them?

Goldfish are egg scatterers. They will normally eat most of the eggs if the adult fish are not removed from the spawing area/tank/pond. The few ova that are not eaten may develop into fry which also may be eaten. Whatever fish survive can be sold or kept depending on the amount of room available, re (MORE)

Your goldfish is growing fuzz on him is he dying?

You are killing your goldfish by neglect. Your fishes water must literally stink. It is putrid and needs replacing. The fish has fungus caused by Ammonia in the water, and that is eating away at its flesh. Please do a water change ASAP and medicate the water by adding 1 level teaspoon of sea salt pe (MORE)

Can a goldfish have a baby?

\nThink about this for a minute.. goldfish do not appear out of no where and they aren't artificially created. How else do they appear? Well they breed to produce eggs where goldfish fry (babies) come from.

How quick do goldfish grow?

depending on how big the tank of pond is. if it is a larger decent sized one then they grow quite fast but if it is small they usually grow allot slower and don't get to big

How quickly do goldfish grow?

well commomn and commet goldfish grow really fast in months but fancy fish do not grow as much but keep in mind they still do!

When do the goldfish have the babies?

When they mate a few days after they will eggs. They tend to do this when it is about 70 degrees in the tank as it simulates spring when they would lay eggs in the wild.

How do you know if your goldfish had babies?

Your goldfish will eat a lot more. You would see lots of small white eggs sticking to the aquarium walls and fixtures. The ones that survive hatch into tiny frys. Eggs should be removed as soon as possible because the parent goldfish usually eat them up.

What grows on goldfish and is black?

It is more than likely ammonia burn. This occurs by you're ammonia and nitrates being too high, you should probably get a water test kit from you're local pet store!

Can a goldfish grow their fin back?

Yes it depends on if it is the top fin then no it could die but if it is one of the bottom fins then it could grow back but it could take a while though.

Do your pet goldfish eat their babies?

Yes. If your goldfish lay eggs, and some hatch, have a spare tank and carefully put their young in there so it wouldn't be eaten. But make sure the water is in room temperature.

Who cares for the baby goldfish?

Unless you remove the eggs from the main tank, or the fry have numerous hiding places that prevent the adults from eating them, the eggs are typically a meal long before a baby goldfish ever forms or hatches.