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How do hail storms occur in tropical zones?

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Hail can fall in the tropics. It happens when it's super cold. An example is jamaica, hail can fall in places like clarendon. Hail storms in the tropics are rare but they do occur.
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When does hail occur?

Hail occurs when thunderstorms get real cold, and then all that water in the clouds gets more colder. The more it gets colder, it freezes, then turns into hail. Sometimes, hai

Why does hail occur?

Hail occurs when it starts to rain and then the raindrops freeze. This is because it's colder in the sky than down here.

What is an hail storm?

A hail storm is basically a storm with hail dropping from the sky ^^ Wow, amazing wording there. and for those of you who don't know what hail is... it's frozen atmospheric

How do tropical storms occur?

  Tropical Storms start within 8º and 15º north and south of the equator where surface sea temperatures reach 27ºC. The air above the warm sea is heated and rises. This

How does hail occur?

Hail occurs in thunderstorms with strong updrafts and turbulent upper level winds. Inside those storm water droplets grow and are carried upwards by the updraft of the storm

When did Michigan's last hail storm occur?

Hail is common in Michigan as it is in many states, especially in the American Midwest. Asking this question during the summer, the default answer would be "no longer than a w