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How do humans adapt to their environment?

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How do humans adapt to the environment?

Human beings adapt by building structures that are suitable for the  environment. They also make clothes that are able to keep them  comfortable in the region.

What is one way that early humans adapted to cold environments?

Scientists believe that they moved in groups from place to place,  creating shelters with tools and using fire to keep warm. Building  shelters allowed them to live in colde

How have humans adapted to their environment in Norway?

By adapting to the cold winters by making thick clothes out of warm materials like fur and/or wool. Also spending the summers making solid, well isolated homes and collecting
What is a human environment?

What is a human environment?

A human environment is a man made environment like a city. Pretty much anywhere. Humans have the luxurious ability to adapt, thrive, and live anywhere!

How have humans adapted from their environment?

humans have adapted to the environment because we as humans are not protecting are mother land earth. And are wasting natures qualities and beauty by for example: by polluti
What are human adaptations?

What are human adaptations?

{1.Shelter {2.Food {3.Irrigation {4.Technology {5.Terracing