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How do humans adapt to their environment?

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By there land features, of course
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How do periwinkles adapt to their environment?

Periwinkles can live for a long time without either food or water.  They keep moisture in their gills and go into their shells. This  allows them to adapt to extreme heat, w

How did early Africans adapt to their environment?

They adapted to their environment by living beside rivers, so that  they could fish, drink water, wash them selves or their clothes.  They also adapted by learning how to do

How have humans adapted to their environment in Norway?

By adapting to the cold winters by making thick clothes out of warm materials like fur and/or wool. Also spending the summers making solid, well isolated homes and collecting

How are Rabbit adaptation to its habitat and environment?

Rabbits are small, flexible, and fast-moving. Their size helps them stay underground and in small bushes or other spaces. They are very flexible, which helps them run, avoid

What is a human environment?

A human environment is a man made environment like a city. Pretty much anywhere. Humans have the luxurious ability to adapt, thrive, and live anywhere!

How did France adapt to their environment?

they have made many dams and wind farms to accommodate high winds and many bodies of water to the use of electricity generation. they also have modified many farms so they can

How is a butterfly adapted to its environment?

It has spiracles for breathing It has trachea for gaseous exchange It has wings that can help it fly from place to place It excrete uric acid thus reduce water demand Has wate

How do hippos adapt to its environment?

The hippo adapted to an aquatic environment by developing small  ears, eyes and nostrils set at the top of the head, along with  thick skin and webbed-feet. Hippos move easi

How does the capybara adapt to its environment?

they are adapted do marsh live by having strong muscles and having webbed feet if any thing messes with them they will bite it withe there big teeth. wrong. well, they inhabit

How has the starfish adapted to its environment?

Beacuase the cushion starfish has 1000's of little suckers underneath, they stick to the rocks and they are so strong that the waves can't pull them off the rocks, but if we c

How do bacteria adapt to new environment?

They mutate so that they could keep their "identity". Think of the bacteria as a big time criminal. In order for the criminal to escape the police, it would change its identit

What adaptations did the velociraptor have in its environment?

First, it had really long claws to be able to kill its prey fairly  quickly.   Second, it was very fast, so it could sneak up and kill its prey  even if the prey tried t