How do humans adapt to their environment?

How do humans adapt to their environment?
By there land features, of course
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How do wasps adapt to their environment?

Wasps adapt to their environment by being able to create cellulose  to build structures. They can do this by an internal reaction after  chewing on wood.

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How have humans adapted from their environment?

humans have adapted to the environment because we as humans are not protecting are mother land earth. And are wasting natures qualities and beauty by for example: by pollutio (MORE)

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How are fish adapted to live in their environment?

They live in water: 1. They have gills to process Oxygen from water. 2. They have fins to propel through water. 3. Their cells are balanced to not absorb water like our wou (MORE)

How did early Africans adapt to their environment?

They adapted to their environment by living beside rivers, so that they could fish, drink water, wash them selfs or their clothes. They also adapted by learning how to domesti (MORE)

What is one way that early humans adapted to cold environments?

Scientists believe that they moved in groups from place to place,  creating shelters with tools and using fire to keep warm. Building  shelters allowed them to live in colde (MORE)

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How are Rabbit adaptation to its habitat and environment?

Rabbits are small, flexible, and fast-moving. Their size helps them stay underground and in small bushes or other spaces. They are very flexible, which helps them run, avoid (MORE)