How do humans adapt to their environment?


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How did early Africans adapt to their environment?

They adapted to their environment by living beside rivers, so that they could fish, drink water, wash them selfs or their clothes. They also adapted by learning how to domesti (MORE)
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How do humans adapt to the environment?

Human beings adapt by building structures that are suitable for the  environment. They also make clothes that are able to keep them  comfortable in the region.
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Adapting Physical Education for Student with Disabilities

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What is one way that early humans adapted to cold environments?

Scientists believe that they moved in groups from place to place,  creating shelters with tools and using fire to keep warm. Building  shelters allowed them to live in colde (MORE)

How did France adapt to their environment?

they have made many dams and wind farms to accommodate high winds and many bodies of water to the use of electricity generation. they also have modified many farms so they can (MORE)

How do hippos adapt to its environment?

The hippo adapted to an aquatic environment by developing small  ears, eyes and nostrils set at the top of the head, along with  thick skin and webbed-feet. Hippos move easi (MORE)