Do humans adapt to environments

Updated: 12/24/2022
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yes we do adapt to our environment...:)

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Q: Do humans adapt to environments
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Why did modern humans have adapt?

they had to adjust to new environments.

Can you adapt Tasmanian devils?

Tasmanian devils are completely wild animals. Humans cannot "adapt" them, but they can create new environments for them.

How do elephants adapt to there environments?

By crushing it.

Why haven't humans adapted to the sun and became resistant to sun burn If all other organisms adapt to their environments Why not us?

Because we are not from here.

How do brown bears adapt to their environments?

They adapt by adapting.

What is culture ecology?

Cultural ecology is a study of the way humans are able to adapt to their physical and social environments. A person who studies this adaptation is a cultural ecologist.

How did early Americans adapt to their environments?

There are ugly

How do cryophiles adapt to their environments?

i like trains

How did Neolithic people adapt to their environments?

they liked nuts

Why did modern human have to adapt?

they had to adjust to new environments.

Can turtles adapt to different environments easily?


how has technology helped humans to adapt to thier enviroment?

The technology helped humans to get adapt humans.