How do kids have fun with older siblings?

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Me and my little brother enjoyed video games, board games, wrestling together. Music and TV is another good one
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How do kids have fun?

Talking with eachother, riding bikes, playing board or computer games, riding bikes, playing at the park, watching movies, playing on the internet, playing some kind of video

How will you have fun with the kids?

to all the adults having trouble with kids ... 1. Take them to a store that they like buy them 3 toys or things that the like BUT under $50.REMEMBER NOT CLOTHES unless they li

Why do older siblings do not play with younger siblings?

I'm sure the older sibling loves the younger one, but the age difference causes the older one to think the younger sibling is immature. And also, the older one might have a jo

Can your kids get older?

you show them somthing they want to do that's more older people like. you can also give them a phone.

How do you prank your older siblings?

if u want to do it on an older sibling that is a boy , you can put messages in his locker (type them if he knows ur handwriting) make sure he doesnt know its u and make sure u

How do you cope with older or younger siblings?

That is a tough one! I have two younger brothers that always seen to annoy and bother me. To get through this, I usually don't get involved with their bickering, try doing my

Why do older siblings make fun of younger siblings?

Not all older siblings do make fun of the younger ones. Some getalong very well. Some older siblings would do anything for theyounger one. I think it is that the older one has

How can you train your older and younger siblings?

Might I suggest that by your own good and worthwhile examples. How you act, what you say and how you say it can have a great influence on ones siblings. You do not have to sit