How do labor unions benefit from the legalization of same-sex marriage?

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their faith in humanity is restored...? :)
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Who benefits from same-sex marriage?

Gay marriage benefits: . Gay/lesbian people. . People who are for equality for all. . Everyone. Gay marriages tend to have fewer children. Therefore, overpopulati

What is the social benefits of labor unions?

There really aren't any social benefits of labour unions. Unions cause unemployment by artificially raising the wage rate, therefore making it impossible for entrepreneurs to

Who benefits or loses the most when same-sex marriage is legalized?

Those who benefit the most are same-sex couples who want to get married. When permitted to marry, they will enjoy legal benefits that they would not otherwise be entitled to.

What us states have legalized same-sex marriage or civil unions?

These US states have legalized same-sex marriage: . Massachusetts - May 17, 2004 . Connecticut - October 10, 2008 . Iowa - April 27, 2009 . Vermont - September 1, 20

Does the legalization of same-sex marriage have any safety benefit?

Yes. Same-sex couples benefit from the legalization of same-sex marriage by gaining financial security (a kind of safety). I also believe that the legalization of same-sex mar

Which US states have legalized civil unions and which states have legalized same-sex marriage?

These states have legalized civil unions: Colorado. (Nevada andWisconsin have statewide domestic partnership registries.) These states have legalized same-sex marriage: M

Which US states provide all the legal benefits of marriage through same-sex civil unions?

Civil Unions are available in 5 U.S. states: Delaware (beginning January 1, 2012), Hawaii (beginning January 1, 2012), Illinois, New Jersey and Rhode Island. According to
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Is same-sex marriage legal in the European Union?

Currently, these members of the European Union permit same-sexcouples to marry (in chronological order): . Netherlands (April 21, 2001) . Belgium (June 1, 2003) . Spain (Ju
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What are some legal benefits of same-sex marriage?

There are many, but the most important are: . Inheritance rights; . Exemption from inheritance tax and estate tax; . Social Security survivor benefits; . Exemption from r
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How will legalizing same-sex marriage benefit Maine?

Weddings are good for business. The need for services such as catering and music, shopping for items on gift registries, and the use of churches, banquet halls, and hotels all