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How do normal microbiota and transient microbiota differ?

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Transient microiota are not activley growning in or on the body. They are microbes that are just picked up.....transfered. Microbiota are found in and on the body and are actively growing.
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What is the role of normal microbiota?

Normal, non-pathogenic microbiota are critical to normal human bodyfunction. In addition to providing protection from invasivepathogenic bacteria, normal microbiota provide nu

What is normal microbiota?

Normal Microbiota are the non-pathogenic bacteria/micro-organisms that reside in or on a human body. They don't normally cause infection, as they live in symbiosis with the hu

What is a specific example of normal microbiota?

There are many microbes that live harmoniously on our skin at alltimes some are Staphylococcus epidermis, Streptococcus mitis andCorynebacteria. Many of these could be pathoge

What is another name for Microbiota?

classification of microbe kingdom or classification of plant, animal classification, or five kingdom classification of micro organisms