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How do normal microbiota and transient microbiota differ?

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Transient microiota are not activley growning in or on the body. They are microbes that are just picked up.....transfered. Microbiota are found in and on the body and are actively growing.
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How does normal flora and transient flora differwhat is a surgeon trying to accomplish with a 10 minute scrub with a brush followed by an antiseptic?

Normal flora exists on the skin as a normal product of skin processes in the form of bacteria such as staphylococcus. Transient flora exists on the skin but does not survive t (MORE)

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What is the role of normal microbiota?

Normal, non-pathogenic microbiota are critical to normal human body  function. In addition to providing protection from invasive  pathogenic bacteria, normal microbiota prov (MORE)

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What is a specific example of normal microbiota?

There are many microbes that live harmoniously on our skin at all  times some are Staphylococcus epidermis, Streptococcus mitis and  Corynebacteria. Many of these could be p (MORE)

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