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How do oxygen carbon-dioxide flow in the blood?

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The are transported round attached to a molecule called haemoglobin, present in the red blood cells. The blood is then pumped round the body by the heart and Carbon Dioxide is replaced for Oxygen in the lungs and the converse in the body's capillaries.
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What is the sequence of oxygen carbon dioxide and blood flow?

When we inhale, the blood in the capillaries in our lungs will get  the oxygen (the blood will be oxygenated) and it will go to the  heart, first in the left atrium,mitral v

Does oxygenated blood always flow in arteries?

No. As arteries are the blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart, they regularly tend to have oxygenated blood. But in pulmonary circulation, the pulmonary artery ca

How is oxygen carried by the blood and carbon dioxide?

Oxygen binds (oxygenation) to metalloproteins (like hemoglobin in mammals) in erythrocytes (red blood cells). When the oxygenated metalloprotein reaches a tissue, the environm

How are oxygen and carbon dioxide transported in blood?

Both oxygen and carbon dioxide bond with haemoglobin. Oxyhaemoglobin is carried from the lungs, carboxyhaemoglobin is carried to the lungs

How does oxygen and carbon dioxide get transported in the blood?

When you inhale oxygen, the oxygen goes to your lungs (this is were gaseous exchange takes place). Meanwhile, the blood will be getting pumped out around the body by your hear

Where does the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen with the blood occur?

between the capillaries surrounding the alveolar sac and the alveoli. woo hoo  it occurs somewhere in the lungs. sorry, i cant get anymore specific than that. sorry, though.