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Farmers could not farm a field for one year, or you could do something to help control flooding. You can also put ditches around the field to catch the eroded soil.
Soil erosion's are caused when deforestation is followed. The roots of the trees holds the soil firmly underground to prevent soil erosion as well as to get nutrients for themselves from the soil. But when people starts to chop down trees erosion's will naturally follow up. Erosion is caused by the improper turning or improper treatment of soil, leading to unhealthy soil, which eventually lead to erosion. People can prevent erosion by taking proper care of the soil and tilling and turning it properly so the soil can stay healthy.

An example of controlled erosion is the cause of the flooding after Hurricane Katrina.because she was horny
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How do you prevent soil erosion?

There are 3 types of preventions, countour tillage, no till, and wind breakers.

How does reforestation prevent soil erosion?

Reforestation is to plant trees in forests that have been deforested. The roots of the trees hold the soil together therefore not having soil erosion. But soil erosion can sti

How can you prevent erosion of soil downhill?

you can use a system of having burlap bags rolled up and connecting them together and then lining them up and that was very helpful to us. Hope it help you! You can also plant

How can you help prevent erosion?

plant more trees, flowers & grasses so that we can help prevent erosion

What causes erosion?

The movement of material by wind, water, ice, and gravity causes erosion, although mankind is increasingly assisting in that movement. rain, water, wind, ice, run-off of anyth

How do plants prevent erosion?

What the plants do it hold the soil in place with their roots which prevent the soil from being washed away.

How do people cause soil erosion?

Farmers could not farm a field for one year, or you could do something to help control flooding. You can also put ditches around the field to catch the eroded soil.    

How do trees prevent soil erosion?

The roots hold the soil causing less soil getting out.The roots of the trees are all connected and wash the soil to make it fertile so it doesn't move

How can you prevent erosion?

You can prevent erosion by planting grass, put top soil down on the ground, and much more!

What are the technologies to prevent soil erosion?

plant more trees and take care of our natural and wildlife resourses Also, on hills, use contour plowing and planting or terraces. Along rivers and streams, use rocks and plan

How does levelling prevent soil erosion?

wen levelling is done the field becomes levelled so the soil becomes strong all together down the soil does not get eroded

What can prevent erosion?

Erosion can cause serious harm to ecosystems and human property. The guiding principle of preventing erosion is to avoid altering natural landscapes and processes as much as p

Does the fibrous root prevent erosion?

The fibrous root does prevent erosion. The roots are threadlike and  will cling to the soil. An example of a plant that has fibrous  roots is grass.