How do people get chosen to people to people?

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People are selected for People to People by applying. Certain criteria must be met and letters of recommendations are required.
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Why are Jews God's chosen people?

Jewish Answer In Judaism, the phrase 'chosen' does not mean that we think that weare better than anyone else or have an elevated status in God'seyes. What 'chosen' refers to i

Different people in the Bible who were chosen?

Acts 1:2 . 2Until the day in which he was taken up, after that he through the Holy Ghost had given commandments unto the apostles whom he had chosen: . Acts 9:15 . 15

What did the Jewish people do as the Chosen People?

the Jewish people were not treated fairly and i for 1 think that it is an outrage... The job of Jews as the Chosen People is to attain a certain spiritual character and hel

Are Muslims God's chosen people?

Another answer from our community: No, they are not the Israelites are so the people in Israel are.No, they are not in bible times; God's chosen people are theIsraelites or

Why were black people chosen to be slaves?

Black people were chosen as slaves because Indians ran back into the mountains. They were also used to the hot conditions in Africa, so people back then assumed they would be

Why were the Jewish people Jesus' chosen people?

Actually... jesus was jewish, but we weren't his chosen people. Jewish people were actually Moses' chosen people. It's the whole story of Passover: Moses killed Ramses III f

Are the Jews still the Chosen People?

Of course they are. They will always be the blood descendants of Abraham, whom the Lord blessed, along with all of his children. But they still have to "come to Christ" for t

Who are the chosen people in the New Testament?

isrellites Answer : The physical House of Israel - all 12 tribes in the Old Testament. In the New Testament, God opened up His Holy Spirit to all who would obey Him by f

What incorporated Jesus into the chosen people?

To answer that question it would mean to first understand the term"Christ," what it means and what it is. And also how it's used whenspeaking of the Christian congregation and

How are people chosen to serve in government?

In a democratic society, we believe this happens on the basis ofpeople's interest in and suitability for the job and becaue oftheir abilities and their experience. If we are t